Gina Rodriguez of 'Jane the Virgin' on stereotypes and being cyberbullied

By Jordi Lippe

Gina Rodriguez seems to have it all: beauty, loving friends and family and a hit TV show, Jane the Virgin. She's become known as one of the most lovable actresses in Hollywood and was genuinely, and endearingly, shocked when she won a Best Actress Golden Globe this year for her breakthrough TV role.

The breakout star won a Golden Globe for Jane the Virgin this year Photo: Getty Images

So when a celebrity weekly featured the 31-year-old on their cover recently, it wasn't much of a surprise. But what was truly shocking was the amount of criticism and bullying she faced – "Whether it was from the way my toes curled under to the way I typed my Spanish," she wrote on Instagram later – after posting a photo from the shoot on social media.

"I get held accountable for everything I say, everything I wear, what my toes look like, my eyes being crossed," she told HELLO! about the pressures of living in the spotlight. "I get held accountable for everything."

Gina told HELLO! US that she wants to change the stereotype of Latino women in Hollywood Photo: Getty Images

During our interview at the Crest 3D White Brilliance 2 Step #GetPolished launch event at DreamDry in New York, Gina pointed to fellow actress Naya Rivera as a great example of a celebrity taking a stand against bullies. The Glee actress spoke out after the cruel criticism that came when she released nude pregnancy photos, something which Gina says was "cool – calling people out."

Now, more than ever, she also has another goal: helping change the stereotype of Latino women in Hollywood. "I think that perception definitely contributes to the way we treat one another," she said. "It contributes to racism, contributes to the way we care for each other," she said. "So, for one, I'm taking on roles to help open up that perception."

"Why do we just want to tear each other down when instead we should be like, 'Go be something amazing in this world,'" she said. Photo: Crest 3D

In order to make a change, whether it comes to bullying, racism or negativity online, Gina feels she and others need to start leading the conversation. "The truth is, if everyone starts talking about it and bringing out in the open it helps," she concluded. "But, if somebody with an opportunity and platform like mine or like Naya's doesn't say anything about it, that's when it goes to waste. Why do we just want to tear each other down? Instead, we should be like, 'Go be something amazing in this world.'"