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Exclusive! Kelly Brook talks about her Italian boyfriend and reveals her secret passion for gardening

The model reveals all about home life away from the red carpet

kelly brook

Kelly Brook has invited Hello! magazine into the beautiful Kent house she has renovated into a perfect idyll. And the glamorous star reveals she is now much more comfortable pottering about in her garden than posing on the red carpet. “I’ve reached an age where I want to do things that I’m passionate about and gardening really is a passion,” the model, actress and television starlet tells Hello! in an exclusive interview and photoshoot.

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“I’ve been pigeonholed as this silly, giggly glamour girl who dates bad boys, but that’s never been the real me. The true me, who’s in her element in her potting shed and digging around in her vegetable patch, is a very personal piece of my life that I’ve protected. But I’m really proud of what I’ve done here. And now that I’m older and happier in who I am, I’m ready to celebrate it and share it.”

kelly brook© Photo: HELLO!

Kelly Brook spoke to exclusively to Hello! about her relaxing home life

And Kelly says she has taught herself everything she needs to know. “I also read a lot of books about horticulture and I love Gardener’s World. I’m completely self-taught, but you could have a serious conversation with me about your garden,” she says.

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In the interview, Kelly also speaks about her boyfriend of two years, Italian television star Jeremy Parisi. “He’s a happy man and a successful man, so he’s able to enjoy my success without feeling threatened. We’re not putting any pressure on ourselves. We’re not engaged, we’ve got no plans to marry. We’re happy and just enjoying what we have.”

And she says she is more content than ever before. “The older I’ve got, the more I’ve realised that money and fame aren’t everything; it’s the people you love and surround yourself with and the home life you build that are the real riches. I’ve done pretty well for myself on that score.”

Read the full article in HELLO! out now.

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