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Lulu shocks This Morning viewers with youthful appearance

The 69-year-old was on the show to promote 42nd Street

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Lulu left the public in awe as she made an incredibly youthful appearance on Thursday's episode of This Morning. The 69-year-old, who has an impressive career spanning more than six decades, appeared on the ITV daytime show alongside Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby to promote her West End musical, 42nd Street, which sees the star taking on the role of veteran diva Dorothy Brock. Viewers quickly took to Twitter to discuss the age-defying TV star, with many claiming she looks "even younger now".

lulu this morning© Photo: ITV

Lulu stunned This Morning viewers with her youthful appearance

One fan tweeted: "Omg @thismorning I want to be LuLu I want to be like her when I am 70 and all grown up! It makes me love being a woman knowing that getting old doesn't mean you can't enjoy life and party! What an inspiration." Another said: "Wow LuLu looks amazing!!! Good on you lady! #ThisMorning." A third post read: "Lulu is looking great, she has 10 years on me and looks 10 younger." A fourth remarked: "If Lulu looks like that at 69......pass me the sugar bowl!"

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Revealing the secret to her flawless complexion, she revealed: "I have a lot enthusiasm for what I do. I'm nearly 70 and I can still move my legs and I have a lot of gratitude. I'm very disciplined but I'm a sugar addict and I tried my whole life but I'm a Glaswegian and we like our sweeties." She added: "I have a lot of energy, I wear everybody down, but I also wear myself out, and I think the passion drives me. I've had to learn to meditate."

During the show, Lulu also opened up about going back to an acting and singing role in the West End after 30 years. "People have said to me through my career, 'Why don't you do more acting?' I've done some," she explained. "I decided, last year, I was going to take acting lessons and maybe do more acting. I’m always up for a challenge." The singing legend added she is doing eight shows a week for the next four months. Lulu, who shot to fame at 15, confessed that at the start of her career: "People would say 'She'll never last'. I thought, "Just watch me!'"

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