Fearless Harper Beckham completes extremely high dive in LA pool

The little girl is certainly not afraid of heights!

Harper Beckham is one very brave little girl! Having grown up with three older, sporty brothers, the seven-year-old has become incredibly fearless despite her young years. This was most recently demonstrated on Tuesday when the Beckham family went for a day trip to an outdoor pool park in LA. Proud dad David Beckham took to Instagram Stories to share footage of his three youngest children jumping from a very high diving board, and they all made it look very easy! Harper went up with big brother Romeo, and was sweetly seen holding his hand for support before enthusiastically jumping into the water in synch with him. Cruz, meanwhile, took the jump to another level by dabbing mid-air.

Harper Beckham took to the diving board with Romeo

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David thinks that Harper is just as fearless when it comes to the hairdressers too. The doting dad has previously expressed his desire for his only daughter to grow her hair long, but recently she asked for it to be cut. The retired footballer revealed that while she was very happy about it, he was less so, although admitted that she had never looked more beautiful following the big cut. David posted a photo of Harper in the salon chair earlier in the week, while he was pictured reluctantly cutting it. "Someone’s happy & someone’s not so happy but I didn’t think it was possible for this little one to look anymore beautiful but," he wrote.

The little girl then showcased her skills - and lack of fear

The Beckham family are spending the summer holidays in LA, a place they consider their second home and where they lived for many years. They arrived in the States nearly two weeks ago following a holiday in Montenegro. The family have also been joined by their oldest son, Brooklyn, who until recently had been studying at Parsons College of Design in New York, before opting to defer his cause for the near future. It was reported that the aspiring photographer was missing his family, but he has most certainly been making up for lost time with them.

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Cruz also proved to be a pro at diving

Brooklyn has been seen taking part in a whole range of fun activities during the past few weeks, including ice cream making and a trip to an outside cinema with his three younger siblings and Gordon Ramsay's four children. Brooklyn has even been driving his mum Victoria Beckham around, with the former Spice Girl joking that he was her new Uber driver.