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What is Tamara Ecclestone's net worth?

Tamara Ecclestone is a very wealthy women - but just how much is her net worth?

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Emmy Griffiths
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As the heiress to the Formula 1 fortune, Tamara Ecclestone is an incredibly wealthy woman. The socialite, who has also worked as a model and is a TV personality with her own show, Tamara's World, doesn't shy from being open and honest about her lavish lifestyle, and she certainly has the fortune to fund it! Find out more about Tamara here, from her family life to her career to her net worth…

What is Tamara's net worth?

Tamara's overall estimated worth is around £230 million, which includes a £70m home in Kensington and an incredible wardrobe which is valued at around £5m. Her father, former F1 Chief Executive Bernie Ecclestone, was listed as the 4th richest person in the UK on the Forbes Billionaires List of 2011, and has an estimated fortune of £3.3 billion. Tamara's mother, Slavica, filed for divorce in 2008 and received £740 million in the proceedings, making her the Sunday Times' 'richest divorcee' of 2009.

tamara ecclestone blue dress© Photo: Getty Images

Tamara is worth £230 million

Tamara's money is entirely from her parents, as she has also worked as a model, had her own reality TV show, and has even worked as a TV presenter for Sky Sports Italia's Formula 1 coverage in 2006, and for the Red Bull Air Race World Championship for Channel 4 in 2006.

Tamara's marriage and children

Tamara was engaged to Jonathan Ketterman back in 2002, but after the relationship broke down, with Jonathan found guilty of threatening to blackmail the heiress back in 2013, Tamara tied the knot with Essex businessman, Jay Rutland, who himself boasts of an impressive £38m estimated wealth. The wedding cost £7 million, with Mariah Carey and Elton John performing. The couple share one daughter, four-year-old Sophia, and Jay's sister, Jo Wheatley, won the second series of The Great British Bake Off.

tamara ecclestone jay rutland© Photo: Getty Images

Tamara with her husband Jay

Tamara has previously denied claims that her daughter is spoiled, telling Closer: "Fifi's not spoilt. She loves going on private jets but she also takes the tube and the bus! She's even been on the subway in New York." She also said: "No she [Sophia hasn't travelled economy]. Her favourite way to travel is by private jet with a Happy Meal. It really is a beautiful life… We have a really fun relationship and he isn't scared to tell me what he thinks. He also makes sure I don't spoil Fifi too much, but it's hard!"

Breastfeeding controversy

Tamara is a firm believer of breastfeeding, and has previously been forced to defend herself after receiving criticism for nursing her four-year-old daughter. Speaking about breastfeeding her daughter on This Morning, she said: "I still breastfeed [Sophia] in the night, I've talked openly about that, it's a personal decision." She also told HELLO!: "I will never feel uncomfortable about such a natural act and about nourishing and building up her immune system and giving her in a way, it's also comfort, and I do want to meet all her needs." Tamara revealed that she has never left her daughter for a night, adding: "I really don't have a desire to [go away], I go out for dinner with my husband, but I come back to her and I like to make sure she's ready in the morning."

tamara sophia© Photo: Getty Images

Tamara with her daughter Sophia

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"And I know that she's such a smart girl, when she is done it will really be the right time for her and that will be the right time for us. She's not going to go to university and be still on my nipple so they all at some point are done and the natural age of weaning apparently is about the age of four and half, she may be done before that she may be done around that time but whenever is right for her is the only time that is right for me."

Tamara's siblings

Tamara has one older half-sister, Deborah, and one younger sister, Petra. Petra has three children with her ex-husband, James Stunt, and was granted sole custody of them back in January 2018 following their £5.5 billion split. At the time, Her Honour Judge Brassie told the court: "There have been lengthy proceedings in relation to the arrangements following the preceding divorce of Petra and Mr Stunt. The financial matters between them were agreed last year. Also, an agreement at the end of last year that Miss Ecclestone could relocate to Los Angeles with her children was agreed." Her Honour Judge Brassie added: "After a hearing I've ordered that the children will live with their mother Miss Ecclestone and I will make an order as to how much time they can spend with their father."

tamara petra ecclestone© Photo: Getty Images

Tamara and her sister, Petra

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Tamara has previously publicly defended Petra after controversial comments made by James were published in Tatler magazine. Linking to the story, she wrote: "What kind of a 'man' does this on his daughter's birthday? Unless he stops telling lies about my family we will have to start telling the truth about him."

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