Lorraine Kelly in tears after daughter Rosie surprises her at work


Hanna Fillingham

Lorraine Kelly is a doting mum to her 24-year-old daughter Rosie, who moved to Singapore a few years ago for work. And because Rosie wouldn't be in the UK on Mother's Day, she decided to surprise her mum at work with a sweet message via a video link. The short video was shown during a special Mother's Day segment on the Lorraine show, with fashion guru Mark Heyes introducing it to the host. In the footage, Rosie was standing in front of the Singapore skyline, and said: "Happy Mother's Day all the way from Singapore, I'll see you really soon and we can celebrate properly. I love you, bye!" The mother-of-one was overcome with emotion as she watched the video, and said: "I love you more, that's so sweet you're going to get me crying again! She looks so beautiful, I miss her so much."


Lorraine Kelly is very close to her daughter Rosie

Lorraine shares Rosie with her husband Steve Smith. The TV personality recently revealed the sweet way she keeps her daughter's room the same as it was before she moved to make it feel like she will be back soon. Writing in a column for The Sun, she said: "After she graduated and then left to work in Singapore (where she has been for more than two years) I’ve kept her room exactly the same so that it feels that she will come back home any second. I miss her but I’m so proud that she had the gumption and confidence to travel and work abroad."

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Lorraine shares Rosie with husband Steve Smith

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The 58-year-old also explained how she stays in touch with Rosie, making the effort to catch up while on her way to work at ITV. "Thank the Lord for WhatsApp video calls. The time difference in Singapore means I can talk to her during her lunch hour when I’m on the way to work early in the morning," Lorraine said. "It’s tough to let your children go, but you need to let them fly." Lorraine also spoke out about her close relationship with her daughter during an interview with Weekend Magazine. She said: "We talk about everything under the sun. I'm her mum, though, I'd never say I was her best friend because she's got her friends already. I'd love to think she tells me everything but she doesn't."

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