Billy Connolly opens up about how Parkinson's disease has changed his life - and praises wife for support

Fans were quick to praise the brave interview on Chris Evans' radio show

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Billy Connolly has opened up about his struggle with Parkinson's disease, and how his diagnosis made him stop performing, in a new interview with Chris Evans. Chatting to the Virgin Radio Breakfast Show with Sky on Thursday morning, the legendary comedian chatted frankly about the affects of his medication, explaining: "I've stopped performing because of my Parkinson's disease and I've stopped touring. I may perform at some other point but I have no plans to. And I'm quite happy taking my medicine and getting along with it."


Billy chatted to Chris about his Parkinson's

He continued: "I've started to drool which is a new one on me. This disease it gives you a new thing every now and again that you have to deal with and drooling is my latest. I walk unsteadily and my hearing is going and it's bizarre that bits of me are fallen off but it's interesting." When Chris asked why performing would affect his health and wellbeing, he explained: "It would affect my performance. I don't think the way I used to, I don't think at the same speed as I used to. And because I don't need to. I don't really know if the performance bit has gone because I have to get into the performance mode to see that. I'd have to walk onto the stage and I've never done that."

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Billy and Pamela have been married since 1989

The 76-year-old also spoke about his future. When Chris asked him if he was worried about it, he replied: "No, I find it interesting and people are good to me, my wife is good to me. She makes me breakfast every day and does my pillows at night. Life is good." Listeners were quick to throw their support behind Billy, with one writing: "The best commute I’ve had in years listening to two of the best people ever! @achrisevans and the legend that is Billy Connolly," while another added: "You are the best interviewer on the radio by far. So sensitive to Billy Connolly. Asking that question just made me cry. You allow them to flow and charm. Brilliant."

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