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McDonald's reveal new staff uniform – are you lovin' it?

McDonald's reveal new staff uniform – are you lovin' it?

McDonald's have designed a new uniform for their staff and fans have been sharing very mixed reactions. The fast food giant posted a video on Twitter, showing the evolution of their uniforms from the fifties to present day. Two thousand and seventeen's outfits feature a monochrome palette, with a focus on dark greys and navy, and just a touch of McDonald's iconic yellow colour.

Social media users were quick to liken the grey uniforms to a host of film baddies, including Star Wars' Imperial Officers. "New McDonald's uniform looks like the Empire won. Now when you wanna get a meal there you'll have to start with your First Order," wrote one film buff. A second tweeted: "The new uniform for #McDonalds - serving storm troopers on a Death Star in a Galaxy far far away." Another compared the uniform to the plain clothes worn in the Hunger Games. "Logan's Run? Hunger Games? No - it McDonald's that's the uniform of our dystopian present," one fan posted.

McDonald's shared a video showing the evolution of their staff uniform

Nevertheless, McDonald's have claimed that nearly 70 per cent of its surveyed employees see the uniform as an improvement and say they feel more "modern". The new look will be worn by nearly 850,000 employees, however a UK spokesman for the burger chain said there are no plans to bring the uniform to the UK.

Earlier this month McDonald's made headlines when an unopened sachet of Szechuan sauce sold for over £11,000 on eBay. The popular condiment was released as a limited-edition sauce in 1998 to mark the release of Disney's animated film Mulan. The UK-based seller received more than 180 bids before the sauce was sold to an American buyer.

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