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Fergie reveals she enjoys drinking her family wine after every concert

The singer's family started their wine business in 2006

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Singer Fergie dedicates a toast to her family winery by drinking a glass of Ferguson Crest wine after every show. The pop star took on the post-concert tradition after she launched the alcoholic enterprise with her dad Pat in 2006. "I definitely love a glass of Ferguson Crest after the show, for sure!" she tells Billboard Style, referring to her family's wine brand. "It's a boutique wine, so it's not mainstream, but we're very proud of it. It's great wine." Fergie, a Southern California native, is proud to support the Ferguson Crest concoctions her father has designed over the years, especially because he is now able to fully follow his dreams at the winery in Santa Ynez, California.

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Fergie's dad opened Ferguson Crest wine in 2006

"He was a teacher and a high school football coach, and when he retired from that, he said, 'I wanna move up north and I wanna grow. That's what makes me happy, that's what's cathartic for me, so I'm gonna grow grapes and make some wine,' and we said, 'Ok! Great, Dad!'," the star shares. "And then we finally went up there and tasted the first batch and it was good. So of course, I said, 'Well, now we have to bottle it and we have to sell it—people need to taste this wine!'"

fergie family wine

The singer drinks a glass of her family's wine after every concert

The 42-year-old contributed to her father's wine endeavours by designing the logo featured on the bottle and inspiring the name of one of their blends, which was dubbed Fergalicious, after the single she released the same year they launched the winery. But the former Black Eyed Peas member admits she is more of a wine fan than a real connoisseur.

"I'm a lover of wine tasting," she smiles. "I'm not an expert, by any means, but we grow it and I like to taste it. I'm not as well-versed as I would like to be," she added.The Ferguson Crest brand offers a Syrah, Cabernet, two blends and a Viognier white for fans' drinking pleasure.

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