Does the Queen drink alcohol? Truth behind her daily intake revealed

"She'd be pickled if she drank that much"

It's no secret that the royals like to raise a glass from time to time, but how much alcohol does the Queen actually drink? Contrary to reports that the 95-year-old royal likes to drink four glasses a day, her Majesty's former chef Darren McGrady has spoken out to clarify his comments about the monarch's favourite drinks - after he said his quotes were misreported.

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"She'd be pickled if she drank that much," the former royal chef told CNN. "All I said was she likes a gin and Dubonnet. That's her favourite drink." And the chef clarified that Her Majesty doesn't drink every day. "She doesn't wake up in the morning and have a large gin and tonic."

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Darren added that when the Queen does have a drink with dinner it is typically a glass of her favourite German sweet wine. "Just in the evening. She certainly doesn't drink four glasses a day."

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The chef spoke out after previous reports suggested that Her Majesty drinks four alcoholic drinks every day, which would mean she far surpassed the recommended alcohol limit of 14 units per week.

The Queen's favourite drink is a gin and Dubonnet

It was reported that as well as enjoying her favourite tipple of gin and Dubonnet, the Queen likes to drink a glass of wine at lunch, a dry martini later in the evening and a glass of champagne – typically from brands like Bollinger or Lanson - before bed.

Darren has previously offered a fascinating insight into the royals' dietary habits and told HELLO! that the Queen "never was a foodie" - unlike her late husband Prince Philip – and that she preferred to stick to the same dishes.

It was previously reported that the Queen has four cocktails a day

He also revealed that each week, a red leather-bound book of menus, written in French, would be sent to the Queen for her to check over. "She would put a line through the ones she didn't want," Darren said. "Sometimes she'd put a line through it all and put something different like crème brulee with Sandringham oranges."

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