My starry night at the TV BAFTAs

Last night was probably the most glamorous night of my life.

Arriving at the Corinthia Hotel to get ready for the BAFTA TV Awards with hairdresser Mark Hill, I was ushered up to a gorgeous suite crammed full of celebrities rushing to get ready for the big night.

In the taxi heading to the red carpet...

A glass of champagne was swiftly placed in my hand and before I could get my phone out to take selfies with the handsome Andy Jordan from Made In Chelsea, I was whisked away to get my hair done.

I'm not a fan of 'done' hairstyles so I asked for 'bedhead' from the wonderful Mark Hill team. Lots of dry shampoo, hairspray and backcombing later – all while trying to eavesdrop on Susanna Reid's conversation — I was well and truly tousled. Next up was make-up with MAC – smokey eyes and nude lips is my go-to look for nights out.

Back up to the suite, I changed into a black jumpsuit I got from Urban Outfitters a while back. House of Fraser had offered to lend me some beautiful, glittering dresses for the night but for some reason I always end up recycling old black items of clothing… I felt pretty boring when I saw the sea of sparkles in the ceremony!

With HELLO! Online blogger Darren Kennedy

After realising that my backless jumpsuit revealed a ridiculous tan line from my recent trip to Jamaica – bit of an oversight on my part — the MAC girls came to my rescue and smothered me in fake tan.

I started to get nervous in the taxi. I would have loved to enter the venue without having to walk the red carpet but unfortunately it's the only way in… Arriving at the foot of the red carpet, I saw hordes of paparazzi lift their cameras when the taxi door opened and promptly drop them when they realised I wasn't a TV star. Awkward.

Making my way up, I spotted my lovely friend Darren Kennedy, a TV presenter and blogger for HELLO! Online. He was wearing a gorgeous blue satin suit from his very own Darren Kennedy for Louis Copeland collection. We stopped to take a few selfies (natch) and I headed on inside the theatre.

My Urban Outfitters backless jumpsuit

I took my seat alongside Millie Mackintosh and her husband Professor Green, Caroline Flack and Inbetweeners star Emily Atack, who all looked extremely glam… I kind of wanted to run to the toilet and apply a ton of red lipstick. Nearly did.

The ceremony was brilliant – presenter Graham Norton brought the house down and Olivia Coleman's touching speech made me cry.

But I soon lightened up – it was time for the dinner and I was starving. Seriously, starving – it was nearly ten and I hadn't eaten since two o'clock. We all piled into coaches; I was sitting behind Charlie Brooker and Konnie Huq and was weirdly starstruck by the presence of Ian Beale a few seats ahead.

David Mitchell feeling scared

The Grosvenor House had been beautifully decorated with flowers and tons of foliage but I barely paid attention because I could see bread. Bread! I was so hungry.

The starter arrived but we got completely distracted when we realised Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul was on the table next to us. This was a pretty big selfie opportunity and we weren't going to pass it up – see pic below.

After dinner I spotted David Mitchell and had a mini meltdown. I'm a big fan and had been looking forward to getting a chance to meet him… I geared up to approach him and practised a speech but it bombed. Here's how it went:

"David! Oh hi. Hi! I know everyone must say this but I really am your biggest fan – I've watched every YouTube video you've ever done… Ever! I mean it – like, all of them! Every single one. Even the ones from when you weren't that famous yet… You're so clever. So clever! And I totally agree with everything you say! Everything!"

He looked terrified and I don't really blame him. I took fangirling to a whole new level.

With double winners Ant & Dec!

David's co-star Lee Mack was my next victim (I love him too) but he dealt much better with my OTTing and we bonded over being from the same area.

Then came my biggest celebrity moment of the night. I ordered a drink from the bar and glanced to my left to see Naomi Campbell – aka the most beautiful creature in the world — standing right beside me. I couldn't stop staring but I had to – she was getting uncomfortable.

By this point, the stars were looking far less preened and perfect than the beginning of the evening — hair was disheveled and make-up smeary as they hit the dancefloor with champagne firmly in hand.

Breaking Bad #selfie

After throwing some shapes with Laura Whitmore, my feet started to hurt and my jumpsuit was feeling a bit tight (I overdid it with the bread) so I headed home. Before hitting the hay, I took about 50 selfies for proof of how good my make-up had looked. Then I tweeted my apologies to David Mitchell for scaring the life out of him.

Until next time!x

Report: Alexandra Light

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