Exclusive: Emeraude Toubia reveals inspiration behind new fashion collection Love, Em

And the surprising details about life with husband Prince Royce

Rebecca Lewis

Emeraude Toubia, better known to fans as Isabelle Lightwood from Freeform's Shadowhunters, has accepted her new mission - a size-inclusive fashion collection inspired by the romanticism of flowers.

It's a world away from the leather and whips of her beloved TV character, but for Emeraude it was time to "take the reins" of her life and celebrate women with a collection she hopes will invoke beauty as well as comfort.

Running between extra small to extra large, the debut collection is made up of six indiviual pieces that create six different looks, as well as a hair accessory, and the day before the launch, Emeraude is clearly over the moon to see her vision come to life and for the collection to go out into the world.

Speaking exclusively to HELLO! Magazine, Emeraude reveals how her mother sparked the idea initially, how husband Prince Royce supported her throughout the process, and what fans can expect from her hotly-anticipated Amazon show With Love. 

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The initial collection features six pieces

Where did your initial inspiration to launch a fashion line come from?

When I was a little girl my mom used to make all these costumes for me, high school graduation, prom, Halloween, and matching outfits for Christmas, so she's always inspired me and we still have my grandmother's sewing machine.

Fashion and self expression have therefore always been a part of my life, so I want to give people wearing my clothes that feeling of connection and love from my designs, the love I felt from my mother when she designed me clothes.

Why did you decide to launch solo and not collaborate with an existing label?

It's very important for me to be the entrepreneur of my own brand, fashion, and life.

I want to take the reins and have creative control over who I am hiring, I want to support talented women and crafts people.

Love, Em will debut with six individual pieces,  can you talk about the decision to keep it small and your inspiration for these initial pieces?

A limited collection was best because it was my first launch and I want to find out what my customers want - do they prefer a two-piece set? A mini dress or a midi? I want to explore what my audience loves.

But the biggest inspiration was the romanticism of flowers - when you get flowers, don't they brighten your day?

They create memories and bring back memories, and I want this line to be part of women making memories.


The collection goes up to size XL

How has Love, Em changed from its initial conception?

There were several other designs and options, but it was important for anyone in my designs to feel comfortable.

I want you to be able to dance and laugh and eat - fashion can have so many constraints and demands on what you can do - but I just want people to feel comfortable and some earlier pieces didn't work.

It's also a debut collection so our sizes go from from extra small to extra large, but I know my goal is to expand and to learn who my customers are - if we have to go larger we will, that's not a problem.


The collection features shirred crop tops and midi skirts

Did you call on any friends to offer guidance?

I would send photos all the time, 'what do you prefer,  A or B?' But I couldn't send too many as it was too much choice!

But my best friends, the girls from high school, I'd be texting my designs to, and a couple of newer friends, but all of their advice and input really matter to me.

How much did your husband Prince Royce help?

He is the type who just says, 'yes babe, everything is perfect.' I am not sure how into women's fashion he is, but he is so supportive.

If it was a video game he would have a lot of advice on every minor detail! But he saw the collection and was so proud of me, and really enjoyed how it all turned out.

 What can you tell fans about the Amazon show With Love? 

I cannot wait for you to see With Love, it's such a beautiful love story premiering on Amazon in the fall. It is the first season and usually we can't say much - I am dying to post more but Gloria [showrunner Gloria Calderon Kellett] will kill me!

But Gloria loves working with makeup so expect some crazy awesome makeup looks, which is something I also love. Usually on a show things tend to be very 'no makeup makeup' but this is so nice - we get to see a green eyeshadow or a beautiful contour, and it's so nice to wake up every day and get dolled up.

You feel extra cheerful!


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Emeraude wrapped With Love in early August

What can we expect from Love, Em's fall collection?

The holiday collection will tie in with the show With Love; the collection won't be in the show but I'm tying it together as it's a holiday show and the holiday collection is inspired by fall and Christmas.

My goal is to launch the week after Thanksgiving, but it all depends on manufacturing and coronavirus.

And we'll hopefully expand and get to know our customers and bring back favorite pieces in different materials or prints, and slowly grow - I would rather take small steps and make it strong than leap and upset the foundation.

Long-term, where do you see Love, Em growing? Would it be outside of fashion?

I am open to anything but I am a big makeup girl so I would love to do something like a compact that has everything - my blush can be my eyeshadow, that kind of one-stop-shop!

Love, Em launches 13 August 2021 and is available from, prices range from $69 to $149