Adorable insta-famous dog Toast lands major fashion campaign

Meet Toast the puppy – an Instagram sensation, and the new face of Karen Walker's spring/summer 2015 campaign. The cavalier King Charles Spaniel is fashion's most adorable model as she poses for the camera rocking the designer's latest collection of quirky sunglasses, with wind blowing in her hair and a joyful look on her face.

Toast has already participated in photoshoots alongside models such as Karlie Kloss and Irina Shayk, but this the first time the caramel canine has landed a full campaign of her own.


Toast has over 158,000 Instagram followers

Her Instagram account, run by owners publicity Katie Sturino and comedian Josh Ostrovsky, counts over 158,000 followers who look forward to daily posts of Toast's stylish lfie, which has seen her model clothes from countless numbers of high fashion designers including Moschino.

The couple rescued Toast from a puppy mill, where improper care sadly has left her with no teeth, in turn causing her to have a permanently wagging tongue.

"A beautiful redhead with a Cinderella backstory, who better to have as our first celebrity?" Karen told WWD. "We always love it when celebrities wear our glasses, but it wasn't until we first saw this season's star that we thought there was a celebrity who could actually capture the essence of our brand in a campaign."


The puppy has already mingled with fashion's elite such as Karlie Kloss

"We were after a model for this campaign who could fit with our caramel-ly colour palette and also someone whose hair would work with our three wind machines hitting her from every angle to create a slightly '70s vibe. Toast ticked every one of those boxes."

Karen has also revealed that she first noticed Toast after realising that the sweet puppy often modelled her eyewear in her stylish posts. The New Zealand designer announced the news of the campaign on her own Instagram account, alongside one of the campaign's quirky photos.

"This season sees KW using a celebrity as the face of the brand for the first time," she captioned the image. "This gorgeous redhead’s story is a true Cinderella one."

"She was discovered living in cruel circumstances, rescued, and quickly rocketed to fame thanks to her wonderful looks, charming personality and inimitable sense of humour. She’s been a big fan of #KarenWalkerEyewear for many seasons and is often seen rocking her KWs on the streets of NYC.This season’s star is, of course, @ToastMeetsWorld!"

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