Sarah Jessica Parker to unveil new shoe collaboration at New York Fashion Week

Sarah Jessica Parker has revealed the first designers with whom she has collaborated as part of her footwear line, SJP Collection. The 49-year-old has teamed up with Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin, the duo behind label Tome. The Sex and the City star revealed to Vogue that while she has never worked closely with the designers, she has always 'admired them from afar' and that 'they're so talented'.


sarah jessica parker

Sarah Jessica Parker launched her shoe collection last year

"Not only is she an actor that we respect and a woman that we respect, she has this incredible fashion legacy as well, and now the shoe line," added Ryan.

"She's so much like all of the women who have influenced our collection, when you talk about dedication and work ethic, you know, you have three kids, you have a film career, and now you have a shoe collection, like what? Who has the time?"

“It is a real honor and enormously exciting to be asked to collaborate with Ryan and Ramon and to be part of their fall 2015 Tome show," Sarah Jessica told Elle. "I’m a great admirer of their work and I hope to be deserving of such a generous opportunity.”

Good news for fashionistas who are keen to get their hands on SJP x Tome – the collaboration will go on sale following Tome's show at New York Fashion Week on Thursday afternoon.


Tome's designers Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin will be collaborating with Sarah Jessica Parker

The mother-of-three launched her shoe collection last year, after months of speculation. Styles included stilettos, espadrille wedges and suede flip flops, with one shoe even named 'Carrie' after her Sex and the City character which saw her catapulted to style icon status.

"I've taken inspiration from things in my life such as the grosgrain ribbons I tied in my hair as a girl, to the flower accents from the Sex and the City wardrobe, to references to classic style from the late Seventies and early Eighties," she said of her inspiration for the collection.

"I'm a firm believer in quality and timelessness and have created this collection with the hopes that women will love wearing it for years to come."

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