Kate Moss and George Clooney join forces for Vivienne Westwood


Vivienne Westwood has called on a slew of stars to support her ongoing Save The Arctic campaign. The fashion designer tapped George Clooney and Kate Moss along with 57 other famous faces to model for the cause.

Supermodel Kate poses in a 'Save The Arctic' t-shirt covered by a leather jacket. A-lister actor George, meanwhile, wore a satin tux and bow tie over his t-shirt.



George Clooney and Kate Moss

Other stars in the campaign, which has taken 18 months to create, include Naomi Campbell, Poldark star Aidan Turner, The Avengers actor Tom Hiddleston and David Tennant.

"The status quo will kill us. People don't realise how quickly we are marching toward a possible mass extinction," said Vivienne about the campaign.


Sienna Miller and Pamela Anderson

"Once the global temperature goes up beyond two degrees, you can't stop it. Current predictions are that we will see a rise of more like 4c or 6c, which would mean that everything below Paris would become inhabitable."

The photos will be shown at Waterloo station for two weeks. The placement was strategic – the station is close to Shell's British headquarters.

Vivienne Westwood is well known for her activism. In recent years, she has focused on reforming business policy, the ecology of climate change, anti-fracking events and supports the charity Cool Earth's efforts to preserve the rainforests.

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