Victoria Beckham's fashion advice for Eva Longoria

Victoria Beckham is a style icon and well-respected fashion designer, so it comes as no surprise that her celebrity friends turn to her for sartorial advice. Close friend Eva Longoria has admitted that she regularly turns to the mother-of-four to approve her outfits, and revealed the advice that Victoria often gives her.


eva longoria

Eva Longoria revealed she gets fashion advice from Victoria Beckham

"I send her pictures and ask what I should wear," Eva told Australian Vogue. "I love how Victoria is a minimalist."

The 40-year-old added that she admired the former Spice Girl's minimalist style, particularly as it helped influence her own ensembles to give them a high fashion edge.

"I really admire that because if it were up to me I'd be a Christmas tree," she quipped. I'm like, 'Diamonds, necklaces, bracelets, sparkly! And [Victoria's] like, 'No'."

It's not the first time that Eva has opened up about her close bond with Victoria. She recently revealed why the pair have stayed best friends since meeting almost a decade ago when the Beckhams moved to Los Angeles for footballer David's job.

victoria beckham

Eva praised Victoria for her minimalist style

"We're best friends and have shared lots of life lessons together," said Eva, speaking to Daily Mail Australia. "What we talk about is between us but we've been through stuff together."

However, Eva admitted that the British beauty isn't the only person she turns to for help before a major red carpet event.

"I have a team, it's not like you walk out and it's effortless," she said to Australian Vogue. "There's hair, make-up, publicists, assistants.

"I always do a manicure the night before so I'm not imprisoned in my chair because I don't want to nick my nail. I do a facial a week before. There's a calendar."

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