These jeans will charge your phone

There's nothing more frustrating than being out and about only for your iPhone to run out of battery – and sometimes a portable charger doesn't exactly make the most stylish of accessories. Luckily for fashionistas, American denim company Joe's Jeans have tackled the dilemma to ensure you'll never have to wait to post that Instagram photo again.


Joe's Jeans have released a new collection of jeans which include a portable charger

The label have launched a new collection of slim fit jeans with an accompanying sleek battery charger subtly tucked away in a specially designed pocket. The new #Hello collection includes skinny jeans to mid-rise fits, with a discreet side pocket in which to tuck away your phone and the battery when you need to charge it.

The concept is simple – slide the charged #Hello slim battery into your back pocket, place your iPhone into the secret side pocket and connect the two, before pushing the power button to charge your phone. The battery itself gives your phone a significant boost, charging the iPhone 5 and 5S up to 85 per cent, and the iPhone 6 up to 70 per cent.

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