Is this how Beyoncé takes the perfect #selfie?

Beyoncé is no stranger to a stunning selfie. And now we *might* have discovered the secret behind her drop-dead gorgeous self-portraits...

The superstar's stylist Ty Hunter has invented a piece of kit to ensure a knockout selfie.

The Ty-Lite phone case illuminates the face with its old school dressing room-style lights, meaning shadows and eyebags are banished.

It's the same concept as the LuMee LLC, the self-lit phone case championed by Kim Kardashian.

The reality star loved the case so much that she partnered with the brand earlier this month.

Beyoncé with her stylist Ty Hunter

"Now my ’perfect selfie secret’ is out—the LuMee® Case! I have been utilizing my LuMee case for over a year and I love it so much that I partnered with the company on a business level," said Kim.

"LuMee is the original self-lit front facing lighted case and was invented by a professional photographer who knows how to take great pictures. The LuMee Case is the first product that merges social media, fashion and technology in a perfect way. The LuMee team is very creative and we have been working together to be able to introduce a new line of innovative products in 2016.'”

Kim Kardashian is also a fan of the light-up case

If you're not ready to invest in selfie equipment just yet, here are our top at-home tips...

1. Experiment with angles. Try tilting your head, showing off your 'best side' is generally more flattering than a straight-on shot.

2. Stand in the light. Pick a spot with great lighting, it's the key to a good, flattering selfie! Watch yourself in the camera as you spin round to find the best possible lighting.

3. Highlight. If you can't find great lighting, sweep highlighter across your cheekbones, chin nose and forehead to fake a gorgeous glow.

4. Hold the camera above your head. This angle is flattering, and gives your selfies an arty feel. Plus – you can also fit in some of your outfit!

5. Extend your neck. You can completely remove any double chin in your photo and accentuate your jaw line by extending your neck forward. This might feel a bit strange, but it will provide a more flattering selfie.

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