Meet our latest cover girl Tigerlily Taylor

For the brand new issue of HELLO! Fashion Monthly, we had the pleasure of interviewing British model, and daughter of Queen drummer Roger Taylor and model Deborah Leng, about her dreams of writing a novel and her school days with Cara Delevingne ("I was in her dorm and she was kind of like my older sister. She was hilarious, actually, and we had so much fun.")


You'll recognise Tigerlily (or Tiger, to her friends) from her campaigns for the likes of Urban Outfitters and Charlotte Simone, and most recently, from the FROW at the recent Marc Cain show in Berlin - or from the party pages around London's social set.

In HFM's interview, she admits to not knowing all of Queen songs off by heart. "My dad would think I was a giant dork if I knew all of them!" she laughs, and talks about her own drumming talents: "It does come naturally but [my father] is the worst teacher in the whole world. He thinks he's simplifying things and he's not. I don't like to play in front of other people though, I'm shy and get embarrassed. It's the most cathartic thing in the world... it's really good to get your aggression out."


But it isn't modelling or drumming that Tigerlily has her sights set on. She's currently juggling modelling work and her relationship with model boyfriend Henry Pedro-Wright, with her university degree in English Literature at Sussex: "I love English. I'd like to move on to novel writing and maybe journalism. My parents have always supported everything we've [her siblings] done. They're very liberal and have always made sure not to put too much pressure on any of us."


Although fashion is clearly in her DNA: "Half my clothes are my mum's from back in the day; full leather jacket-and-trouser combos, high-waisted leather Gaultier black suede skirts; I've always just worn them," Tiger tells us. While it's not necessarily in her plan to become a famous figure, we can't help but think the world is going to be seeing a lot more of Miss Taylor...

Read the full interview in the April issue of HELLO! Fashion Monthly, out now.