Abbey Clancy reveals her daughter is already set to follow in her fashionista footsteps

Abbey Clancy's daughter Sophia is only five years old, but it looks like the youngster is already set to follow in her model mum's footsteps.

Speaking exclusively to HELLO! Fashion at the launch of her new Matalan 'Abbey's Picks', Abbey told us that her daughter reminds her of "Aveline from Bread – she wants to wear every single colour, different styles, all mixed together. Think heels, glittery tights and five plaits!"



Abbey's adorable five-year-old daughter Sophia

And there's an accessory in particular at the top of the adorable little girl's list. "She wants to wear everything with a choker, she's really into chokers at the minute."

The model sees herself in Sophia, telling us that she had the same interests when she was a child. "Sophia's very girly, very creative. She loves to sing and dance and look at herself in the mirror all day long. When she walks down the street she'll say, 'Mum look at that girl! I want that outfit she has on!'


Abbey Clancy for Matalan

"I haven't forced it upon her at all, but that's exactly what I was like as a kid."

Abbey gave birth to her second daughter, Liberty Rose, in June of last year. And she admitted that having two children means she has no time to spend on exercising.


Abbey's adorable daughter Sophia

"I just don't get to fit in exercise," she told us. "I'm so busy running around with the kids and my little one's so chubby and heavy – lifting her is a workout in itself!


Abbey Clancy for Matalan

"I also don't sit down until they've gone to bed, from when I wake up at 6.30am. I just don't have time to spend on my body but I do enough running round!"

Launching her new venture with fashion brand Matalan, Abbey opened up about her signature style. "I wear a lot of black. I just feel safe in black, I feel like it's the most complementary to your body."

She is, however, attempting to take her wardrobe into brighter territory with her top picks from Matalan.


Abbey Clancy for Matalan

"I'm trying to introduce colour and I love the floral print shirt from the new collection and the red suede skirt," she said.

"But my go-to outfit is a pair of jeans and a top so I love the flares with the plaited belt – it's so 70s-babe. Everyone needs a pair of denim flares this summer."

Abbey recently enjoyed a holiday in Dubai with her husband Peter Crouch and their two children. Asked about what takes up most of her packing time, Abbey replied: "Bikinis. I've got a bikini obsession. Half of my suitcase consists of bikinis... Maybe more! I like to bring a good few options for each day."

In terms of types of bikini, Abbey favours the triangle cut. "It's just the most flattering for my body and my bust shape and size. I love high-waisted bikinis but they do not look good on me and my husband hates them!"

As for beauty essentials, Abbey has a concise list: "A good suncream, a good factor 50 – I don't tend to put my face or body in the sun much nowadays – a good bikini, a good hat, a good pair of sunglasses and finally, baby wipes – necessary with my kids on the beach!"

‘Abbey’s Picks’ will be available at and in all stores from April 5th 2016.

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