Why this Victoria Beckham photo is confusing people


Victoria Beckham looks absolutely incredible in a series of stunning new images for Vogue China. The black-and-white photographs show off Victoria's flexibility and her impressive ballet moves.

However, fans have spotted something amiss about one of the photographs. In a snap where Victoria is balancing on one leg, there appears to be a gap where a section of her upper thigh is missing.


Victoria Beckham for Vogue China

Many were quick to speak up about the apparent Photoshop error, commenting under the snap.

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But others jumped to her defence, noting that it may have been a body suit that had blended into the background.

"Clearly it's a white body suit that blends into the background," write one user.

Victoria Beckham for Vogue China

Victoria herself has not yet addressed the speculation. Instead, she has been living it up in Las Vegas, by the looks of her Instagram account!

The former Spice Girl shared a snap of her reclining on a piano while she holds a microphone, with her hairstylist and longtime pal Ken Paves plays the piano.

"For one night only Las Vegas! VB and Ken!! Live!!!!! #reunion @davidbeckham @kenpaves #funinvegas!!! Xvb," she captioned the snap.

Victoria Beckham for Vogue China

In the interview accompanying Victoria's Vogue China shoot, Victoria opened up about fame, famile life and her career.

"I used to be famous, now I'm successful," she said. "Anything I take on I do it at 110 percent because that's the only way I know how to do it."

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