See Hailey Baldwin prank call Kendall Jenner!

Even models still enjoy playing a game of prank phone calls! Hailey Baldwin stopped by E! News for a chat this week, and needed no persuading to play a trick on close friend Kendall Jenner.

Host Jason Kennedy was looking through 19-year-old Hailey's phone when Kendall, 20, just happened to call. Unable to resist, Jason took the phone and pretended to be the driver of an Uber in which Hailey had left her mobile.



Hailey Baldwin couldn't resist prank calling best friend Kendall Jenner

Clearly concerned – and totally falling for the prank – asked the 'driver' where he'd left Hailey, before telling him: "OK, can you keep the phone safe? I'm gonna call the phone of someone she may be with. I'm gonna call you back."

While Hailey burst into a fit of silent giggles, Jason continued the joke and asked why the caller ID read 'Ken'. But Kim Kardashian's little sister didn't miss a trick, replying: "Yeah that's my boyfriend, I'm calling from my boyfriend's phone. My name's Rachel."

Kendall didn't give anything away - and posed as a girl called Rachel

After Jason hung up from poor Kendall, Hailey was crying actual tears of laughter but decided enough was enough and called her friend to come clean.

Laughing the joke off, Kendall responded: "I hate you guys! Did I not play it off pretty good, though?"


And, when asked by Jason where 'Rachel' came from, she added: "I have no idea, it was the first thing that came to mind. At the end of it, I was like, 'Wait, am I being f***ed with?' Sorry, am I not allowed to curse?"

During the chat with Jason, Hailey also revealed what she and Kendall get up to when they hang out. She explained: "We do what anybody else would do. We sit and we watch movies, we hang, we order food, we laugh and we talk. Nothing out of the ordinary. Normal teenagers."