WATCH: Taylor Swift reveals the celeb wardrobe she'd like to raid

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Taylor Swift joins a long line of women the world over by admitting she'd like to take a look inside Blake Lively's wardrobe.

In a video with Vogue, titled '73 questions with Taylor Swift', the popstar said she would most like to raid actress Blake's closet.


Taylor talked fashion in the video interview

We're not surprised – Blake has always impressed with fashion-forward ensembles which show off her lithe frame.

Taylor also revealed the fashion trend she loves the most – "high-waisted stuff". Though we already knew that...

She also dished the dirt on her outfit for the Met Gala, one of the most hotly anticipated red carpet events in the fashion calendar.

It's no surprise Taylor admires Blake's style

The theme of this year's ball will be Manus x Machina. And it sounds like Taylor is fully on board – "I'm going to be dressed as a robot and I'm going to carry a sword," she revealed.

Taylor also mentioned her boyfriend Calvin Harris, after she was asked about the most romantic thing that anyone has ever done for her.

"My boyfriend planted a olive tree in my yard," she said.

And what's in her handbag? Lavender anti-bacterical handspray. She said it often comes in handy for her girlfriends when they're waiting to wash their hands in the toilet.

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