This lucky schoolgirl got to wear a celebrity's Golden Globes dress to her prom

One lucky high school student has had her prom wish granted.

Teenager Jessica Casanova's story started back in January when she tweeted Jane the Virgin actress Gina Rodriguez and complimented her Zac Posen Golden Globes gown.

She added that she would love to wear the dress to her own prom.


 The teenager was lucky enough to wear Gina's stunning Golden Globes dress for her prom

Gina was quick to reply, telling the girl that while she didn't own the dress – and, no doubt, had to return it at the end of the night – she did still have the black strapless Badgley Mischka dress that she wore to the Golden Globes the year before and would be happy to lend it to her for the night.

The actress was true to her word, and the teenager got to rock the dress to her prom.

Speaking to Entertainment Today about wearing the special gown, Jessica said: "It feels really good. It fits like a glove!"

The teenager made sure to document her special night

Explaining the process behind her wearing the dress, she said: "I tweeted to her after watching the Golden Globes and I said to her, 'I so wish I could wear your Golden Globe dress to prom.

"I would say maybe in an hour and a half she replied and said, 'Maybe we can make this happen.' From there it started to roll."

Before leaving the house to head to her prom night, Jessica's mum surprised her with a video message from Gina.

A professional snap of the high school student appeared in the newspaper the next day

"Just know I love you. I'm so proud of you. I'm so excited for you," she said.

"You look beautiful and everybody will remember it – especially you!"

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