We have new emojis and they're amazing


When there are no words, we have emojis – and now there's even more to choose from! The latest update includes everything we never actually knew we needed, but will undoubtedly change our lives forever.

Starting with the basics, the 72 new emoticons include: a ROTF laughing face, which is for those times the crying with laughter face just doesn't suffice, an emoji with a long nose, for those friends who like to tell little white lies. 

Face palm, baby bump and fingers crossed are among the new emojis

We can finally stop pretending the high five emoji means praying, because they've given us a 'fingers crossed' one! If you thought that was exciting, then you might want to sit down before reading on.

We're sorry to say that the aubergine symbol will probably become defunct, as there's now a carrot, a pickle and a baguette to choose from… and a croissant, because everybody's different…

We also have an avocado, bacon and a pickle - because why not?

There's also bacon, a taco, a burrito, clinking champagne glasses and so many new sporty emojis to play around with. Basically we're probably not going to be using words for a while when this update comes into effect.

And, for all the trendy hipsters out there, they've finally given you an avocado symbol – which will make your #eatclean posts look even better. And not annoying at all, honestly.

The update will be available from 21 June – and we cannot wait. 

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