Renée Zellweger talks gaining weight for Bridget Jones's Baby

More than ten years since the last film, Renée Zellweger will return as the lovable and slightly worryingly relatable Bridget Jones in September. The new instalment will see ditzy Bridget deal with her biggest challenge yet – a baby!

Arguably her most famous character, Renée, 47, once again gained weight to reprise the role of Bridget, something which she takes in her stride.

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Renée Zellweger is back as Bridget Jones!

Speaking to Vogue, the actress explained: "I put on a few pounds. I also put on some breasts and a baby bump. Bridget is a perfectly normal weight and I've never understood why it matters so much. No male actor would get such scrutiny if he did the same thing for a role."

Following the release of My Own Love Song in 2010, Renée took a five year break from acting – and from Hollywood. It was this time away that reignited Renée's passion and got her creativity flowing.

She's gained weight again - but doesn't understand why it's a big deal

She continued: "I found anonymity, so I could have exchanges with people on a human level and be seen and heard, not be defined by this image that precedes me when I walk into a room. You cannot be a good storyteller if you don't have life experiences, and you can't relate to people."

Although it was understandably hard for Renée to turn down work, in an industry that's continuously growing and evolving, it was a break she felt was absolutely necessary.

"I got sick of the sound of my own voice," she confessed. "It was time to go away and grow up a bit."

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