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Sex and the City fan? You NEED this Instagram account in your life!

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When it comes to fashion, Sex and the City was arguably the most influential TV show of all time.

Fashionistas the world over drew inspiration from the quirky, eclectic Carrie Bradshaw, whose inimitable style was dreamt up by costume designer Patricia Field.


Carrie Bradshaw is one of TV's biggest fashion icons

We'll never tire of looking at SATC outfits – so this new Instagram account has had the HELLO! Fashion office pretty excited...

Every Outfit On SATC is a new account started by writer Lauren Garroni and designer Chelsea Fairless, and it chronicles, well, every outfit featured on the hit series... ever.

Started just two weeks ago, the account has over 58,000 followers!

The Instagram account is dedicated to cataloguing every SATC outfit ever worn

Speaking to Metro, the ladies discussed their new venture. "Like every teen girl in the late '90s, I loved Sex and the City," said Chelsea.

"And the clothes are a crucial part of the appeal of the show. I always wished that there was some sort of comprehensive documentation of the costumes from the show but there isn't, so we made the account. And of course we love to have a public forum for all of our snarky commentary."

The photos include the account's founders' funny commentary

Lauren added: "When you look back, you can't help but judge some of the outfit choices!"

So welcome to your new Insta-stalk!

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