Blake Lively blasts 'unfair' obsession with post-baby bodies

Pregnant Blake Lively has spoken out about the media's obsession with post-pregnancy bodies. Doing interviews for her new film The Shallows, the conversation began when Blake was quizzed on her gruelling exercise regime.

"I had to do a lot of endurance training," she said. "This was eight months after I had had a baby."

When the interviewer then joked that the tabloids will promote her film as a post-baby body bounce-back guide, the star replied: "It's so unfair, it's so celebrated.



Blake is promoting her new film The Shallows

"I think a woman's body after having a baby is pretty amazing. You don't have to be Victoria's Secret-ready right away. You've just done this incredible miracle that life has to offer."

She added: "You gave birth to a human being. I would really like to see that celebrated."

Blake revealed that she had been working out with celebrity trainer Don Saladino. "He kicked my butt," she said.


The star is pregnant with her second child

"It was also eight months after having a baby so my body was already completely different than what it normally was. Not just aesthetically but also your muscles are different, your body, everything is just shifted and changed."

The actress admitted that without having to train for the film, she most likely wouldn't have been working out.

"It was really crazy, but it was also nice to have that motivation because I wouldn't have done that. I wouldn't have gotten in that kind of shape," she said.