Kourtney Kardashian shares her top 10 beauty and lifestyle tips


Kourtney Kardashian never looks short of flawless, whether it's on camera or off duty. So we were delighted that the reality star, who is Global Brand Ambassador for Manuka Doctor, spilled her top 10 beauty tips – notebooks at the ready!

1. Manuka Honey
"I've been using it for years," says Kourtney. "I drink it in my shake in the morning, I give it to my children and our TV production crew eats it by the spoonful because it has antibacterial properties."

2. Coconut oil
Kourtney, along with the rest of the beauty world, loves coconut oil for its multitasking properties. "I love using coconut oil on my body and in my hair," says the reality TV star.

3. Keep it free-from
Kourtney champions a clean lifestyle to help keep her and her family healthy. "Eating well is part of my lifestyle – I eat no gluten, no dairy, only organic food," says Kourtney.
"I think I have more energy now. I thought the dairy was going to be the hardest, but that was actually really easy to avoid. The gluten I will admit I cheat on every now and then."

4. Work out hard
Kourtney's trainer Dom regularly puts her through her paces at the gym. "I love going to the gym because it makes me feel great," she says.
"I work out a lot with Khloé just running or hiking. Taking an hour to workout at least five days a week really helps me mentally and physically."

5. Start the day with a smoothie
"I make smoothies for me and the kids using fresh ingredients like avocado and Manuka honey," says Kourtney.
"It's a great way to start the day."

6. Keep it natural
For her whole beauty regime, Kourtney keeps it as natural as possible. "I try to find the cleanest products to use on my body that actually work," she says.
"I like to use a natural deodorant, toothpaste, body oils and skin care. The Manuka Doctor skincare range is amazing because it contains so many other natural ingredients that are easily absorbed and make my skin supple and hydrated without feeling greasy."

7. Take a holistic approach
Kourtney is widely regarded as 'the healthy Kardashian' and this comes as no surprise as she takes a very holistic approach to her children's wellbeing, as well as her own.
"Having children made me really conscious of what food I was going to feed them. I started reading this baby book called Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron, about organic ingredients. I then began to learn more, visiting holistic doctors and doing an Ayurvedic cleanse after Penelope was born. I learnt so much and now I often do Ayurvedic recipes."

8. Look at the ingredients, not the calories
When it comes to food, it is ingredients that count to Kourtney, not calories. "I don't count calories or think about eating too much or too little but I do feel guilty when I don't eat healthily."

9. Take time for yourself
Kourtney lives a fast-paced lifestyle, so taking regular downtime with her family is invaluable to help her hit refresh. "For me, the moment I relax is when I take off my make-up – that means I'm back in my mum role.
"We eat together, then it's bathtime and stories. We all snuggle together; first we read the baby books and then we move on to the other books. It's so wonderful and peaceful."

10. Cut out the caffeine fix
Kourtney isn't a fan of coffee, revealing: "I love drinking iced tea. I can't drink coffee, it makes me insane. No one wants to see me on coffee!"

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