Bella Hadid talks to HELLO! about downtime, life-changing moments and what makes her tick

Bella Hadid opens up about her favourite outfit, her lucky charm and being inspired by model Kate Moss...

If it’s anyone’s time right now, it’s Bella Hadid’s. The model-of-the moment has a killer bod, cheekbones sharp enough to grate cheese on, piercing green eyes and the most current group of A-list fashion friends imaginable, including Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin and not forgetting her supermodel older sister Gigi. We catch up with Bella, who is also a budding photographer, to discuss her downtime, life-changing moments and what makes her tick…

It's no secret that Bella is the model-of-the-moment right now

How do you manage your crazy schedule?

“My childhood was filled with juggling a busy school life and horse shows, which were run like clockwork – so now, looking back I guess I relate time to structure. I love that my busy life today demands that same kind of structure, but on my days off I’m learning to be in the moment without being on anyone’s clock but my own.”

Can you tell us about game-changing moments in your life?

“There’ve been so many; but moving away from home and starting my own life in New York in 2013 was a big one and probably a time that I’ll never forget.”

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

“My mom taught me to be humble, work hard and treat everyone with kindness and respect.”

Bella worked a cosmic look as she arrived into Nice airport ahead of Cannes Film Festival

And the best advice you’d give to someone else?

“Accept yourself for who you are and learn to love all your imperfections, because perfection does not exist.”

Who inspired you growing up?

“During my childhood my spirit always resonated with Kate Moss, so I guess she inspired me to be myself, even if that wasn’t always perfect.”

What’s the hardest thing about being you?

“It’s sometimes being judged by the way I look – rather than being seen for who I am in my heart.”

The model-of-the-moment shared a snap on Instagram showing her having her hair perfected by Jen Atkin

What’s your lucky charm?

“My brother Anwar.”

Describe your favourite outfit...

“I have always been drawn to old things that have history, so it would probably be something I found at one of my favourite vintage stores.”

If you weren’t a model, what would you be?

“I’d be a photographer or a professional equestrian trainer for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.” [Bella was forced to give up show jumping due to her battle with Lyme disease.]

Can you remember your first watch?

“My first watch mesmerised me because it had a horse on it that moved around [the face]; it was the cutest thing ever.”

What would your perfect watch look like today?

“It would be small, delicate and sporty. I use watches more like an accessory – so I go for whatever fits my look.”

Tag Heuer’s tagline is “Don’t crack under pressure.” How do you cope with pressure in your job?

“I meditate, listen to music and try to stay centred on the inside, but I’m only human and sometimes the pressure does get to me, but I find that dealing with emotion without too much judgment is the fastest way to cope with it.”

How do you manage your image?

“I’ve built my social media presence on my own because that has always been something that felt natural to me. The strategic choices for my long-term career are made together with my mom, and my model agency IMG Models.”


See Bella's beautiful look for the Dior x Sephora event last week...

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