I dressed like Holly Willoughby for a week - here's how it went

Alex Light

Holly Willoughby has one of the best wardrobes in TV - the presenter consistently displays her killer curves in dazzling high street and designer pieces. So when I was tasked with emulating the gorgeous blonde for a week, I jumped at the chance to scrub up my (normally rather scruffy) appearance and take on some of her ladylike looks.

First up, I had to tend to my hair. I favour a slightly dishevelled, bedhead vibe when it comes to my mane, but Holly is known for styling her blonde locks into glamorous Hollywood curls, so I dug out my favourite curling irons and set to work. I really like the look - it does take time and effort, but the results are worth it.

I didn't have to change up my make-up routine - Holly often rocks a bronzed look with natural lips, which is pretty much my everyday look. Something I did have to work on, however, was my tan. Holly is always a gorgeous, golden brown, while my penchant for SPF, and regular reapplication, means that I never change colour from my natural English rose (sounds better than just 'really white', right?) complexion - even in the summer. So the lovely people at Sienna X came to the rescue and gave me a natural glow - I'm getting more 'Holly' by the minute.


Skirt by Eponine London

Now for the best part - the clothes! I think Holly has great style and really knows how to dress her beautiful figure. I tend to favour a more androgynous style, opting for baggy jumpers, oversized t-shirts and boyfriend jeans over anything tight-fitting, so I was intrigued to see how the week would pan out...

I kicked things off with this intricate tribal-print skirt from Eponine London. It's a brand that the Duchess of Cambridge has worn several times, and their pieces are made to order. This is a stunning skirt and it got SO many compliments - I felt quite the princess as I twirled around London wearing it! The denim shirt is the perfect piece to balance out its femininity, and nude pointed stilettos completed the look. It might have been my favourite...


Dress from Karen Millen

Next up was this black shift dress from Karen Millen which, just FYI, is now on sale for £150, down from £225 - go quick! As I mentioned, I rarely wear anything form-fitting but I had a revelation while wearing this for the day because I actually think it suited my curvy figure much more ... My sister saw me and asked if I'd lost weight. I promptly decided that I would be wearing this dress every day from now on.


Dress from Finery London

I then moved on to a white summer dress from Finery London. It's called the Elmington dress and has a reasonable price tag of £74.99 (you can shop it here). I thanked myself for getting a spray tan when this one came out of the box - white doesn't look so great on, well, white. I bought my normal size in this but it was too big (not trying to show off, promise) so I'd recommend sizing down if you're going to buy.


My spray tan came in handy for this look...

Then it was time to get dressy. Earlier this year, Holly attended an awards ceremony wearing a stunning white and pink floral print chiffon gown. It was designed by Raquel Balencia and is a real princess dress, so I was delighted to track it down (it's not overly purse-friendly, just a heads up). This was a really fun dress to wear - I rarely opt for something so formal, so it was great to get dressed up and twirl around in the girly number.


Dress from Raquel Balencia

In conclusion, I actually really enjoyed my week of dressing like Holly. She knows how to dress to flatter her shape, something I've realised I'm not quite so good at! Although I'm curvier than Holly, I think we have similar proportions and form-fitting clothes, it turns out, suit such a body shape. So, I'm off to stock up on snug dresses... Oh, and fake tan.