LVMH and Kering ban ultra-thin and underage models

Models must present a valid medical certificate, attesting to their good health and ability to work

Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH) and Kering have agreed to ban very thin and underage models from the runway. Bowing to public outcry over concerning depictions of young women in the industry, the French luxury conglomerates released a joint statement on Wednesday in which they announced stricter guidelines.

Brands of both groups, including Louis Vuitton and Gucci, have committed to "working solely" with models able to present a valid medical certificate, attesting to their good health and ability to work, with the document obtained less than six months before a photoshoot or fashion show.


"Respecting the dignity of all women has always been both a personal commitment for me and a priority for Kering as a group," said the fashion conglomerate's chairman and chief executive officer Francois-Henri Pinault. "Through the establishment of this charter and our commitment to abide by its terms, we are once again manifesting the importance of this core value in a very concrete manner."

The charter also commits company executives to banning size 32 for women and size 42 for men from their casting requirements. Casting agencies will be required to present female and male models who are French size 34 or over (U.S. size 0/U.K. size 6), and size 44 or over (U.K. size 34), respectively. To further ensure the care of models, casting directors and brand bosses will have a dedicated psychologist or therapist at their disposal.


In addition, models below the age of 16 must not be hired by brands to take part in shows or shootings representing an adult. While models aged between 16 and 18 will not be permitted to work between 10pm and 6am, and will require a chaperon or guardian at all other times.

"I am deeply committed to ensuring that the working relationship between LVMH Group brands, agencies and models goes beyond simply complying with the legal requirements. The wellbeing of models is of great importance to us," declared LVMH board member Antoine Arnault.

The new rules will be implemented in time for the start of the upcoming Paris Fashion Week.