Cindy Crawford invests in footwear brand popular with Meghan Markle

The model will act as an advisor for footwear designer Sarah Flint

Cindy Crawford is investing in Sarah Flint's footwear business. The supermodel continues to be one of the most successful figures in fashion and has numerous business ventures under her belt, including a homeware line and an anti-ageing skincare range named Meaningful Beauty. Cindy is now gearing up to pass her knowledge of the fashion industry onto Flint and will invest in the shoe designer's company, as well as act as an advisor to her personally. "Fortunately, I'm in a position now that I can help shine a light on brands or companies that I believe in," she told WWD. "She reached out to me because she knew that I wore the shoes."

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Cindy Crawford is investing in Sarah Flint's footwear business

Sarah launched her first footwear collection in 2013, and while she first began selling to high-end department stores, she later decided to reject traditional retail and focus on e-commerce. By targeting the online consumer, and cutting out the middleman, the designer is able to price her Italian-made boots, flats, and slides from $195 to $700 (£150-£530).

"When I sat with Sarah and she explained to me what she was doing, her whole thing was she wanted her friends to be able to afford her shoes. Maybe not just one pair, but more than one. She was able to bring the same great quality at a much more affordable price," the 51-year-old explained of Flint's strategy, adding that she was immediately impressed. " She felt like a great woman to champion."

The brand is a favourite with Meghan Markle

Celebrities such as Meghan Markle, Amal Clooney, Blake Lively and Jessica Alba have all been spotted in Flint's shoes, and Crawford hopes that the brand will continue to pick up momentum in an "organic" way. And though the brunette beauty isn't planning to front campaigns at the moment, she is up for supporting the brand in any way possible. "I wear the shoes anyway, so I'm getting photographed in them," she shared. "I'm being an investor and on the board, and supporting where it feels authentic and organic."

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