Billie Faiers opens up about her post-pregnancy fashion: 'I used to be more risqué'

The ex-TOWIE star is a proud mother to two young children

Sharnaz Shahid

Billie Faiers has opened up about her style evolution since becoming a proud mother to two children. The former TOWIE star, who shares eight-month-old son Arthur and three-year-old daughter Nelly with fiancé Greg Shepherd, confessed that she has waved goodbye to the tiny dresses and stilettos. "Over the years, I've definitely learnt that sometimes less is more," she told HELLO! Online. "I look back at some photos from when I was younger and the fake tan, the long hair extensions, the make-up, the short dress, the earrings, the stilettos... it's all too much!"


Billie Faiers has revealed her style has changed in recent years

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Billie, who has launched a stunning new collection with clothing brand In The Style, admitted that it's the fitted clothes that still give her a "confidence boost". She shared: "I think as you get older you learn how to dress for your shape and your body. For me, more plain things definitely suit me rather than lots of fuss! Certain dresses without a bra I wouldn't wear now! Prior to kids, I would probably be a bit more risqué but, now, maybe not." The TV star added: "I think a really nice fitting bodycon that's a nice fabric, like double-layered, always makes you feel good. Bandage materials that suck you in, and hide your lumps and bumps, always make you feel nice!"


The ex-TOWIE star has launched her new collection with In The Style

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When asked what has surprised her the most since becoming a mum, Billie shared: "Somedays I surprise myself with how much I can get done and juggle, and how much energy I can have and being able to stay on my feet all day. Also, organisation! I surprise myself with how organised I can be sometimes." The mother-of-two recently became an aunty to her younger sister Sam's daughter. Speaking about the differences between being a mum and an aunt, Billie revealed: "Being an aunty is so special - it's a completely different bond! It's all the fun things. There's things that you would maybe say to your own children 'No - you can't do that!' but with your nieces and nephews, you let them do things with you that they wouldn't do with their mum. You can be more lenient with them."