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Holly Willoughby has shared her top fashion tips with fans. The This Morning star, now considered one of TV's most stylish presenters, spoke to the Daily Mail about her enviable wardrobe, and shared some of the secrets behind her style. First up, she revealed that she always takes a photo of herself wearing an outfit so she can see how it looks on before she heads out. She also urged women to dress for their figure - not their perceived clothes size. The 37-year-old explained: "Don't look at sizes. We can be so governed by going 'I'm a 12' or 'I'm a 10' or 'I'm a 16'. Just go and look at that item on the hanger and go 'right, I'm going to try this on' because there's no point in trying to squeeze into something that's a 16 because you think you're a 16. Learn to put something on and know that it fits right. Feel the fit as opposed to the sizes because sizes change so much anyway."


Holly is the brand ambassador of Diet Coke's new campaign Because I Can - which encourages fans to live life unapologetically with the launch of two new flavours, Exotic Mango and Feisty Cherry. The mother-of-three stuns in new shots bringing the flavours to life is certainly a fashion force to be reckoned with. She regularly captivates her 3.4 million Instagram followers with her obtainable style, which incorporates affordable high street items with high-end designer pieces, and such is Holly's appeal, many of the high street items she wears sell out within hours of her wearing them.


The TV presenter is styled by her to-go to stylist Angie Smith, who works with a number of ITV stars, including Rochelle Humes, Christine Lampard and Amanda Holden. Holly has credited Angie with helping to transform her approach to fashion, saying: "The day she introduced me to a pair of high-waisted black trousers, it opened up a world of shirts, jumpers, little tops and all sorts of things"

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