This new Barbie is inspired by a 96-year-old style icon

Is this Mattel’s most stylish model yet?

The world’s most famous doll has been breaking out of her mould recently. First of all, plus-size beauty Ashley Graham was given a Barbie to match her curves in 2016. Then it was announced the range would become more diverse by including a hijab-wearing Barbie, followed by the launch on international women's day of a whole variety of dolls based on strong female role models, from artist Frida Kahlo to pilot Amelia Earhart. And now there's another fab new design to get fans excited, because creator Mattel has just announced a new Barbie doll modelled on 96-year-old style icon Iris Apfel.



Barbie and Iris make a suitably stylish duo

The one-of-a-kind doll is just as stylish as you'd expect, and wears an emerald green Gucci trouser suit along with Iris’s trademark black-rimmed glasses. A pale blue oversize collar is fastened around her neck, along with bold layers of statement necklaces. Iris herself can be seen wearing a similar outfit on the cover of her book, Iris Apfel: Accidental Icon.



Designer Iris has lead a life as colourful as her famed outfits. She started out working in women's magazines before moving into the interiors business. She travelled the world sourcing hard-to-find textiles, picking up a variety of unique items of clothing along the way which helped establish the personal style she is now famous for.

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Iris also runs a hugely popular Instagram account, and in 2016 appeared in a television advert for French car DS 3. She has also been the subject of an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and a documentary by the filmmaker Albert Maysles, called Iris.

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Although fans may struggle to get their hands on this particular doll, the next-best-thing is coming along later this year. Mattel also announced it will be releasing an Iris-inspired "as styled by" model, which features a more standard-looking Barbie dressed in one of Iris's outfits, including the aforementioned glasses, an eye-catching fur coat and chunky beaded necklaces from Iris's own Rava Avis collection. She also wears her hair in an Iris-esque bob. Fans who can't wait that long can tune into the Instagram account @BarbieStyle, where Barbie will be touring all Iris’s favourite NYC haunts.