19 OCTOBER 2007

With his bright red hair and blue eyes, Sex And The City fans will have no problem spotting hot-shot lawyer Miranda Hobbes' son Brady as the five-year-old takes to the big screen in the movie version of the TV hit.

Sitting next to onscreen mom Cynthia Nixon, the young actor, Joseph, looked totally relaxed at being part of the excitement during his first day on the New York film set. Not that it's the first time the pint-sized star has worked with the 41-year-old actress - Joseph was part of the original cast of the series, portraying the baby Brady, Miranda's child with husband Steve.

While the plot of the film remains a closely guarded secret, the shot of Joseph will at least give fans an idea of how much time has passed since the end of the series by how much his screen character Brady has grown.

Apart from that, they'll have to wait till the project hits cinemas next year to find out if there's a happy end in sight for Miranda and Steve - there was no sign of actor David Eigenberg, who plays Joseph's bartender dad.

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Onlookers could have been forgiven for thinking Cynthia Nixon had brought her five-year-old son, Charles Ezekiel, to work. The cute youngster was in fact Joseph, the actor who portrays her on-screen son Brady in the forthcoming silver-screen version of the hit TV seriesPhoto: © Rex