30 JANUARY 2008

One of the UK's most unconventional stars, Julie Christie, has shunned the limelight – and marriage – since the Seventies. But it seems, despite her reluctance to conform, the actress has finally formalised her 28-year relationship with journalist Duncan Campbell. According to the actress' brother, Clive Christie, a retired University lecturer, the pair were wed at a ceremony in India two months ago.

Julie, who recently won the Screen Actors Guild award for best actress and is considered the favourite to take home the Oscar for her role in Away From Her, has always insisted she saw no reason to marry. Friends say she did not tell family about the secret ceremony until after the event, and Clive confirmed he did not attend.

India was the natural location of choice for the wedding. The 66-year-old actress was born there and brought up on her father's tea plantation in Assam before being sent to Britain at the age of seven to attend school. A bohemian at heart who shuns the limelight the Dr Zhivago star has lived in a rambling Welsh farmhouse for the last three decades, although she also has a flat in Spitafields, East London.

She and Duncan have never formally lived together, with Julie always sharing her home with groups of friends and other families instead.

Before she met Duncan, who writes for The Guardian, Julie famously enjoyed a long romance with silver screen legend Warren Beatty.

Photo: © Alphapress.com
The news that the reclusive actress has tied the knot was revealed by her brother. Although she's been in a relationship with her journalist partner for 28 years, Julie - who's hotly tipped to be picking up an Academy Award at next month's Oscars ceremony - has never shared a home with himPhoto: © Getty Images
Photo: © Alphapress.com
According to the actress' sibling Julie and Duncan, pictured in 2000, were married in India, the country of her birthPhoto: © Getty Images