Stephanie's surprise visit causes trouble in MIC NYC 5

After weeks of competing to win over Billie on MIC NYC, last week's episode finally revealed that Stevie Johnson beat Spencer Matthews in finding love in the city.

However, after losing Riley’s bet that Stevie would win Riley's heart, Jamie was forced to walk through New York in a hotdog costume to a much-amused Spencer.

"I actually genuinely think she likes me…it's not over," bragged Spencer as the duo discussed Stevie's victory.


Billie (far right) chose to date Stevie over Spencer

Across town, Riley, Louise and Sam Thomspon discussed Louise's relationship with New Yorker, Alik.

"He's a lot nicer to you and about you than Spencer," praised Sam.

Meanwhile, Proudlock met Jules' polyamorous girlfriend, Jana, during a photoshoot for his clothes brand, Serge Denim.

The models explained their relationship to the open-minded Londoner before Jules' added that he was disappointed with Rosie's reaction to his unorthodox dating style.

"That was the most intense it’s ever been," explained Jules, reflecting on his heated argument with the fashionable Chelsea girl.

Taking a break from modeling, Billie walked over to Stevie and the new couple appeared smitten with each other as Stevie admitted that he is happy he no longer has to share the heiress with Spencer.

The following day, Jules, Proudlock, Spencer and Jamie met for an afternoon of playing basketball in sunny Brooklyn.

Spencer and Stevie are still friends, despite fighting to win Billie's heart

Jamie asked Spencer if he found it awkward that Alik was dating Spencer’s ex-girlfriend, Louise, but the lothario admitted that he was completely over her.

However, the Eton-educated socialite revealed to Jules' that he was open to his polyamorous relationship and joked as to whether Jules' girlfriend was available.

Over in the Upper East Side, Stevie indulged in a manicure at Lucy Watson's apartment with his best friend.

Lucy asked if winning over Billie now meant their relationship was boring as it no longer had the excitement of the competition.

"I'm very happy and now I get to spend all my time with her," confirmed Stevie.

Back at the basketball court, Alik invited Louise to his house in the Hamptons while Spencer and Jamie eavesdropped in their conversation and schemed to turn up at elite location to surprise the new couple.

Alik and Louise are loved-up Stateside

Enjoying an afternoon of culture, Billie and Binky visited a modern art museum but the girls decided that they needed a bit more girls' time and Billie invited Binky for a girls-only weekend, also in the Hamptons.

Binky asked Billie about her relationship with Stevie and why she ultimately made the decision to choose Stevie over Spencer.

"I think he’s a good guy," admitted Billie.

The biggest surprise of the night was Stevie's ex-girlfriend, Stephanie Pratt, returning to the cast to surprise best friend, Lucy.

Lucy and Stevie were thrilled to have Stephanie back

Lucy met up with the California beauty for lunch and listened to Stephanie reveal that she found it hard at the beginning to talk to Stevie when she left for the States, so decided to cut off contact with him.

Lucy admitted that Stevie found the breakup much harder than she expected and was shocked when Stephanie said that she talks with Stevie every day.

Unfortunately for Lucy, she was left with the task of telling her BFF that had moved on with Billie.

"She was a distraction…she has nothing on you," said Lucy as Stephanie kept back her tears.

Unbeknown to Stevie, Lucy invited him to join the pair at the restaurant and when he arrived at the restaurant, he couldn't stop smiling at the sight of Stephanie.

"I'm going to cry," said Stevie in shock at seeing his ex-girlfriend, before finding out that Lucy had already told Stephanie about his blossoming relationship with Billie.

Stevie and Stephanie dated for 6 months before she was had to return to the States.

"Why couldn't you let Spencer have her," asked Stephanie, clearly disappointed with Stevie's decision to start dating again.

Over in the Hamptons, Binky received a picture of Lucy and Stephanie and and shed light on Stevie's relationship with the Big Brother star to Billie.

Spencer and Jamie suddently jumped up on the girls and surprised them with their impromptu visit to the Hamptons.

"The god’s are in your favour," joked Jamie upon hearing about Stephanie's visit, as he pointed out to Spencer that her stay means that the lothario was able to try to date Billie again.

That evening, a loved-up Alik and Louise sat down to discuss the status of their relationship, snuggled up in front of a log-burning fire.

"I couldn't even begin to imagine you not being part of my life right now," admitted Alik as the adorable pair opened up about their upset at Louise leaving soon.

Meanwhile, Spencer sat down with Billie to reveal Stevie's feelings for ex-girlfriend, Stephanie.

"It's not really my place but Stevie really liked Steph," he revealed to a shocked Billie as she was left disappointed that Stevie might turn out to be a bad boy after all.

The next morning over brunch, Binky and Louise sat in the gardens of Alik's estate and gossiped about Louise’s relationship with the New York designer, before Louise joked that Jamie might fancy Binky.

Back in New York, Stevie opened up to Proudlock about his confusion over his feelings for Billie and Stephanie.

Stephanie's return to MIC has caused a lot of drama for Stevie and new love interest, Billie

"We're only here for two more weeks," highlighted Proudlock, following a suggestion that he should ask Billie if their relationship is worth pursuing.

Back in the sunny Hamptons, Jamie, Alik and Spencer discussed Stevie’s difficult situation and the shock of Spencer losing out on dating Billie.

"Persistence is key," revealed Spencer as he admitted he was determined to win back the fashionable New Yorker.

Relaxing by the pool, Billie later revealed to the girls that Stevie had messaged her with his doubts over their relationship but the girls reassured her that she had nothing to worry about.

Back in the city, Stevie and a glamourous-looking Stephanie enjoyed an evening alone together to discuss their relationship.

"I still look at you and feel exactly the same way," admitted Stevie, as the former couple admit that their awkward situation was hard to cope with.

"She’s not you," revealed Stevie while Stephanie fought back her tears.

"So what are you going to do?" asked Stephanie, as Stevie still remained unclear on who he should choose.

Next week will be MIC NYC's final episode and promises to be packed full of drama, with Spencer and Stephanie finally sharing a kiss before Billie revealing to the West Wise blonde that Stevie had admitted that he didn't have feelings for her.

Tune in next Sunday at 9pm on E4 for the final episode.
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