Romances aplenty in MIC NYC Episode four
The love triangles continue in MIC NYC as Stevie and Spencer battle to win newcomer Billie Carroll's heart Stateside.

Feeling confused as to why Billie would accept to go on a second date with Spencer, Stevie visited best friend Lucy Watson and her flatmate, Riley Uggla, to get a girl’s opinion on the situation.


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The battle continues to win over Billie

"I pulled out all the stops," added Stevie, saying that Spencer's ego is bruised following his kiss with the New Yorker and is now attempting to up the ante.

Meanwhile, Proudlock, Jamie, Spencer and Billie’s friend Carson Eisenhart went for a run and some male bonding.

Sitting down with Spencer, the New Yorker explained to Spencer that Billie is weary of him as he is similar to her previous boyfriends and warned that Stevie offers something new.

Billie's BFF advised the lothario to ditch the bad boy image in favour of something more caring.

Later that day, fashion designer Alik took Louise on a tour of his colourful leather showroom and his apartment before the Big Apple romancer pulled her in for a kiss.

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Alik and Louise finally share a kiss

On the other side of town, romance was heating up between Jules and Rosie as they went on a date to a cupcake shop.

"I'm enjoying spending my time with you… I’m unlike most guys," pointed out the male model.

Jules added that he was an emotional person and stated that he was a man of principal.

"I'm keeping my cards close to my chest for now," replied Rosie, dubious of the sweet talker.

The next day Riley, Billie and Riley enjoyed a girly day at Salon Champu, getting their hair blow dried while divulging in a conversation about Billie’s love triangle with Spencer and Stevie.

"You can date who you want…I don’t want Stevie to get hurt," warned Lucy, clearly disappointed with Billie's choice to date Spencer.

At a gig later that evening, the MIC NYC cast members partied in an underground club while Rosie, Binky and Louise caught up on their boy drama.

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Rosie was beginning to fall for sweet-talker, Jules

Meanwhile the boys explained that Spencer was on a date with Billie in Tribeca, spoiling the Barbados beauty with a selection of champagne and his knowledge of expensive wine and caviar

"Spencer Matthews will go that extra mile…It's like going against a tornado," Jamie pointed out to an upset Stevie.

Spencer continued to impress the heiress by talking French and assuring her that he is not treating their date as a competition.

"I like to think that I have changed…I haven't felt this way in a little while," he added.

"I can see that you're being sincere…I appreciate your honesty," she replied as the love birds held hands and kissed over their romantic date.

The following day Binky, Mark Francis and Louise met up at Alik's workhouse where the friends chatted about Rosie's date with Jules. Clearly uncomfortable, Alik dropped the bombshell that Jules is in a polyamorous relationship with model, Jana, which didn’t go down well with Rosie’s friends.

Meanwhile, Spencer revealed to Proudlock that he is still confident that he will win Billie's heart, despite Stevie's feelings towards the situation.

The love triangle was a hot topic last night as, over coffee, Riley, Jamie and Lucy discussed the romances. Jamie admitted that he thinks Billie is playing a bad game and that she doesn't really like Stevie.

Enjoying a spot of sun in Central Park, Billie spilled all about her date with Spencer to Carson, but her friend noted that Stevie seemed heartbroken when he found out the news about her kiss with the lothario.

"Pick your favourite," suggested Carson, following Billie admitting that Stevie was the better kisser.

Agreeing to meet with her in the park, Stevie strolled up to the friends and Billie explained her tough situation to him.

"It was never my intention to hurt you at all," admitted Billie to an obviously heartbroken Stevie.

Annoyed with the game playing, Stevie said that she had to choose between the London pair or he would stop pursuing her.


The group continue to adapt to their New York lifestyle

The next day the rich elite played a game of baseball followed by a summer BBQ but romance was clearly aplenty on the pitch as Alik and Louise continued their romance.

The duo's kiss was soon interrupted by Louise's brother, Sam, running up to the them, surprising his sister with his visit to New York.

"She rocks my world, man," Alik told Sam, which went down well with Louise's protective younger brother.

Across the pitch, Louise and Binky revealed to a shocked Rosie that Jules was polyamorous and had a girlfriend.

"How dare he? I am going to ruin him," she said as she demanded that the girls bring him over.

When he came over, Jules revealed that he was in fact in relationships with three girls and they didn't have a problem with his unorthodox dating style.

"People are not meant to be monogamous," he explained while Rosie refused to acknowledge his reasons.

"You kind of make me feel sick," Rosie told the serial dater before asking him to leave and never speak to her again.

Things also heated up between Lucy and Billie as Stevie's friend admitted that she was uncomfortable with her choice to date Spencer and Stevie.

Following an intense relationship and heartbreak after dating Stephanie, Lucy admitted that she felt that Billie's intentions were confusing and was worried for her friend.

Next week's episode promises to continue the drama as Spencer admits that he will not give up on his fight to win Billie, Alik and Louise's relationship gets more intense and Stevie’s ex-girlfriend Stephanie returns to rock the boat between the Londoner and Billie.

Tune in next Sunday for more MIC NYC drama at 9pm on E4
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