The Apprentice 2014: A sneak peek inside episode one

The Apprentice returns with a bang on Tuesday evening as series ten of the hit BBC show gets underway.

Ahead of the opening episode, HELLO! Online gives a sneak peek inside the first challenge facing the candidates….

The Apprentice 2014: Meet the candidates


The Appentice candidates must sell items used in previous opening tasks

The Task – ten years of selling in just one day

The candidates are brought to Leadenhall Market to hear the details of their first challenge – they must sell products used in the opening tasks from the last decade of the show, from coffee and sausages to flowers and fish balloons, seeking out sales and generating as much money as possible.

As usual, the teams are split into boys and girls – Team Summit for the boys, and Team Decadence for the girls – before scouring the capital, from Greenwich to London Zoo, trying to find buyers for their products. In an effort to maximise mark-ups, the teams add more value to their items; sausages are turned into gourmet hot dogs, and one candidate comes up with a novel way of squeezing money from lemons.

Task complete, it's back to the boardroom to face Lord Sugar, and his advisors Karren Brady and Nick Hewer. But who will become the first candidate to hear the words, "you're fired"?

Daniel Lassman tries to tempt customers to buy Team Summit's gourmet food

Top moments of episode one

- Lord Sugar brings in four additional candidates as a surprise for the original 16 as he welcomes the group.

- Daniel Lassman trying to tempt customers to buy Team Summit's gourmet food in a hot dog costume.

- The boys discussing how much cheese to buy for their Mexican hotdogs.

- Sarah Dales trying to sell cleaning products for Team Decadence to London Zoo.

The boys - Team Summit - shopping for the first task

Best quotes from episode one

Lord Sugar in the first boardroom: "This deal is all about getting a £250,000 injection into a company that both of us will own on a 50-50 basis. I won't be working, you will be working. I will be advising and mentoring."

Daniel Lassman on coming up with the name for Team Summit: "There’s no 'I' in team - famous saying. But there's five in individual brilliance."

Sarah Dales' response to a question by London Zoo as to whether the cleaning products are environmentally friendly: (Referring to rubber gloves) "Well they are plastic, so obviously I wouldn't want to see them near the penguins."

Steven Ugoalah's sales pitch to a restaurant: "These potatoes, I mean look at them, they almost shine in the glistening sun. And in a way, when you have your customers enjoy these potatoes, it's not going to be just a potato, it's going to be an experience."

Tune in at 9pm on Tuesday 14th October, BBC One for The Apprentice episode one. Episode two will air the following evening, Wednesday 15th October, 9pm.