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The Apprentice 2014: Chiles Cartwright is the first candidate to be fired

Chiles Cartwright became the first casualty of the boardroom as the tenth series of The Apprentice got underway on Tuesday.The 35-year-old company director was fired by Lord Sugar after Team Summit, led by Felipe Alviar-Baquero, lost to the girls in the opening sales challenge.

Chiles Cartwright © Photo: BBC
Chiles Cartwright was the first to be fired in The Apprentice 2014

The boys' total sales figure came to £696.70, while the girls' Team Decadence – who were instructed to change their name in the boardroom – took home £753.50, led by Sarah Dales.

Following their defeat, PM Felipe decided to bring back sub-team leader Chiles and Robert Goodwin into the boardroom.As he prepared to announce his decision, Lord Sugar expressed concern over Felipe's managerial skills, and criticised Robert for wasting time. But it was Chiles who came under fire.

apprentice1 © Photo: BBC
The boys' Team Summit lost the first task

"Chiles, one of the reasons I allowed you in this process was because I think here's a man who's actually been there, started at the bottom, built up his own businesses," Lord Sugar told him."And fundamental business errors in the T-shirt thing is unforgivable, because clearly whatever you sold those T-shirts for, you most probably would have won this task."Felipe, it's regretful that I have to say that someone as qualified as you, a lawyer who claimed to have managerial skills, has allowed this to happen. It is tough on the first task.

apprentice2 © Photo: BBC
PM Felipe (centre) brought Robert Goodwin and Chiles back into the boardroom

"What frustrates me is the hot dogs, and you threw it away, but what frustrates me even more is that those T-shirts are still sitting at the printer. And on that basis, Chiles, you're fired."Next episode of The Apprentice: Wednesday 15th October, 9pm on BBC One and BBC One HD.

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