EastEnders: Matt Di Angelo on soap's 'explosive' Christmas Day episode

EastEnders actor Matt Di Angelo has spoken about the soap's dramatic Christmas Day episode, describing it as "explosive" for his character Dean Wicks. Over the festive season, Dean's sexual attack on Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) will finally be revealed to the rest of her family.

"It's the Christmas Day episode of EastEnders. It's going to have a bit of everything isn't it?" Matt said. "It's going to be explosive. I can't say much more, but it was challenging and fun to film. There's plenty of emotional dialogue and a lot comes out…"

Matt Di Angelo has spoken about EastEnders 'explosive' Christmas Day episode

Matt also spoke about how important the storyline has been on raising awareness of rape. "A lot of people talk about it," he said. "People are really interested and it is an important story to tell. It has to be taken seriously. Dean's still got an element of charm about him, which is messed up and people can't quite get their head around it."

Asked whether his character genuinely believes what he did was consensual, he added, "It's kind of a deep-rooted psychological thing. I researched this with the London Probation Centre and it's similar to when you have an argument with someone. You tell your side of the story and point out everything the other person did wrong.

"After you've told that to three or four people, your side of the story keeps on getting a little more distant from the truth until you're at a point where you think you've done nothing wrong…

Kellie Bright as Linda Carter with Matt's character Dean Wicks

"For Dean, he is convincing himself of his version of events, which is apparently what can happen in real life."

Danny Dyer, who stars as Linda's husband Mick Carter, has also promised that the Christmas Day episode will be "nuclear".

"I'll put the question out there: how would you react if someone you loved was raped in your home by a person you've been looking in the eye for the past three months?

"Whether you're a violent man or avoid violence at all costs, you are going to go insane. And I take insanity to a new level. Justice is served. Beautifully. And I get to show every bit of range I've got as an actor."