X Factor's 4th Impact defend Lauren Murray after that 'shove'

X Factor viewers were stunned when Lauren Murray appeared to push fellow contestants 4th Impact out of the way, during the live results show on Sunday night. However, the Filipino girl group have insisted that there is no bad blood between the two acts.

Calling Lauren their "big sister", the four pop princesses shared a video on Twitter.

"Hello guys we are 4th Impact and this is Lauren," the siblings said. "Please stop telling her anything because she's the one who supports us a lot. She's our friend. We love Lauren. She's great. She's saying, 'Come on Che'. It's not bad, okay?"

Lauren Murray appeared to push one of the 4th Impact band members out of the way

After Sunday's episode some eagle-eyed viewers took to Twitter to claim that Lauren had badmouthed 4th Impact and pushed one of the band members out of the way, refusing to give them a hug when they celebrated making it through to next week.

Lauren, standing to the side, appeared more focused on seeing what Che Chesterman's fate was. Che, who used to stack shelves before devoting his time to singing, ended up surviving the sing-off against Anton Stephans.

"OMG! Just to clear up I said come on Che!! People love a bit of drama I adore 4th impact," Lauren tweeted.

Lauren clarified what she said, posting: "OMG! Just to clear up I said come on Che!!"

The former dental receptionist made headlines earlier this month when she packed her bags and made a swift exit from The X Factor house. Lauren was devastated because her close friends Kiera Weathers and Seann Miley Moore had just been eliminated from the show.

"She's packed her stuff," Kiera told the Liverpool Echo. "She told me she's left the house because she was upset but she's still in the competition."

Lauren also posted a tweet hinting at her emotions, as she wrote, "The house feels so empty without @seannmileymoore @kieraweathers1".

X Factor contestants are allowed to leave the house whenever they want during the competition to go home, and can return when they see fit.