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Sharon Osbourne 'frightened' after contestant storms into Judge's Room on X Factor


Sharon Osbourne and Dermot O'Leary have opened up about a contestant storming into the Judge's Room after being told she wouldn't be seen that day. The contestant, Kirsty Murphy, also explained why she decided to confront the judges, revealing that her mum encouraged her to speak to them.

Dermot defended the contestant's actions, saying: "She just appeared from nowhere! In her defence she got told she wasn't going to be able to be seen that day and there was a big sign on the door saying ‘judges room, keep out', so she didn't break the Da Vinci code to get in!"


xfactor© Photo: ITV

Kirsty was upset after being told she couldn't audition that day

He went on to say that the experience was "awkward" as he was in the middle of speaking to another contestant's friends and family. He said: "I had to usher them to one side and then this girl's family start cheering her on. All-in-all it was a rather eggy situation. Part of me thought, ‘Good on you' but then I had to play politics with this other family. I was trying to be peacemaker but it was hard that day."

Sharon revealed that she was "frightened" when Kirsty walked into the room, saying: "When she first came in I was a bit frightened actually. She walked in and came right over to the desk and I was thinking, 'Oh my god, alert, alert!'. But she was ballsy! It takes a lot to do that."

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The contestant performed without her backing track for the judges

The singing hopeful was allowed to perform after getting past security and breaking down into tears in front of the judges. She said: "Me and mum were like ninjas and I thought while the security were distracted, this was my chance. I ran round the back of the audition space, through the curtain to where the producers were sat. I could see the judges but I can't remember properly what I said to them.

"I remember I just broke down crying and kept asking them, 'please can I sing?' Then I just remember Simon telling me to get on the X… I couldn't believe that I'd run in - I was shocked, scared, nervous and excited all in one."

The X Factor airs tonight at 8pm on ITV

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