Honey G is looking for love! X Factor contestant reveals she's single

Emmy Griffiths

Honey G has revealed that she is single and is looking for love!

And the controversial X Factor contestant, who will be performing on the programme's first live show this evening, isn't only on the lookout for a man - she's also ready to settle down and have kids.



Honey G is looking for love

"I'm single, I'm looking for love," she told reporters including HELLO! Online on Friday. "Basically I want to have kids really soon, I want to settle down and have children quite soon but I don't really want to have kids on my own... I'm focusing on the competition right now and... I'd like to find a partner before I consider having children."

The 35-year-old rapper also addressed viewers who voiced their unhappiness after she was granted a place in the final three in the 'Over 25s' category of the competition.

"It has been playing on my mind a little bit," she admitted. "But really I've just been focusing on the competition, focusing on my songs for the competition, not worrying about what people have been saying online, obviously there're people that say, 'you shouldn't have gone through, that one should have gone through' and because my Twitter goes so mad now I don't have time to look at the messages, I don't really react to anything, but I get a lot of positive feedback."


Honey G will be performing live on Saturday night

The other contestants of the show, who have been staying with Honey G in the glamorous X Factor mansion, were quick to come to her defense, reassuring that her colourful personality is authentic, and not just a stage persona. Gifty Louise, who is in the live shows in the 'Girls' category, said: "I thought [Honey G] wasn't serious but then we moved into the house and I was like, 'Oh my god you're actually like this, she's actually like that in real life...it's not fake, that's actually Honey G."

Fan favourite Matt Terry said: "She's real! Fair enough sometimes she'll take off the hat and sunglasses and she'll have her hair up and stuff but like…she's so cool, so down to earth, so she surprised me really because she's real.

Speaking about the negative attention from fans, he continued: "I feel like it's kind of unfair because she is being herself and that's what being an artist is all about, it's about being yourself and expressing yourself and being who you want to me and that's what she's doing." 

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