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Holly Willoughby reveals her family were rooting for Honey G on X Factor: 'I'm a big fan'

Holly Willoughby reveals her family were rooting for Honey G on X Factor: 'I'm a big fan'

She was this year's controversial act on The X Factor, but that hasn't stopped Honey G from gaining lots of fans - including Holly Willoughby and her family. During Monday's edition of This Morning, the 35-year-old presenter appeared pleased to have the eliminated contestant on her sofa.

"We are a Honey G household - I'm just putting that out there - I am a fan," the excited host exclaimed, before she added: "My son can't even speak, but he can say Honey G!" Honey G's dream of winning a record deal came crashing down after she was booted off the ITV show at the quarter-final stage on Sunday night.


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Holly Willoughby has revealed her family are big Honey G fans

Following the eviction, the 35-year-old rapper opened up about her journey through The X Factor, saying: "I kind of feel like a rap artist has been born. I've grown as an artist." She continued: "I have been a musician all of my life, I was posting all my recordings on my Soundcloud page, so I've been rapping for about five years."

Speaking about her moniker, she explained: "In year 2000 I was studying at university and one of my mates came up with my name, Honey G. He said the first letter of my surname is G so that's where the G comes from and the Honey is because you're sweet like honey."

Despite having a dedicated fan following, Honey G has faced a lot of criticism this year. When host Phillip Schofield asked if it’s all an act and if Honey G is a character like Keith Lemon, the rapper replied: "No, I'm not fake. This isn't an act… I've got a degree in music, I've been a musician the whole of my life. I think I might have picked up street lingo, and it's become part of my personality."

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