Emmerdale fans uncover major clue regarding Emma Barton's murder

Police believe Emma Barton was murdered because she left no suicide note – but fans think otherwise

Hanna Fillingham

At the end of Wednesday's Emmerdale, police came to the conclusion that Emma Barton's suicide was in fact a murder because the mother-of-three appeared to have no suicide note. As two police officers looked on at her sons Ross and Pete Barton at the graveyard ahead of their brother Finn's funeral, one told the other: "Things are only going to get worse, there was no suicide note. That means there's a lot more questions to be answered – starting tomorrow."

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Emmerdale fans think they know what happened to Emma Barton

However, fans thought otherwise, remembering a suicide note being placed with Moira's baby Isaac in his carry cot, which had been removed by the time Harriet came to find the newborn. Taking to Twitter to question the mystery surrounding the lost suicide note, one fan wrote: "Is anyone else wondering where Emma's suicide letter went in Emmerdale?" Another added: "I'm a little confused, didn’t Emma write a letter confessing all her sins? What happened to the letter? Did I miss something?"


Emma's suicide note was written in the church - but is now missing

Others still believe that Emma was murdered after the letter was read. Many think that Ross killed her. "Ross took it, read it and pushed Emma," one suggested. "I could see Ross in the distance starting to feel guilty of what has happened to Emma," an eagle-eyed viewer quipped.


Moira's baby was found, but no note was there

Emma had certainly made a number of enemies prior to her death. Gabby Thomas also has something to do with her death, according to fans. On the day Emma died, the teenager took a lengthy trip home to get her phone charger, causing her mum Bernice to question where she had been when she finally returned.

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Some believe Gabby had actually gone to kill Emma. "Really think that Gabby has something to do with it," one viewer guessed. Another said: "Am I the only one thinking Gabby killed Emma and Ross just happened to stumble across her?"

Another reason to speculate that Emma's death was suspicious was the way her body was facing when she lay on the ground. She was found lying on her back, but if she had fell from her fall, she would be lying on her front. One thing's for sure, there's a lot more to come in this storyline.

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