Is this how Emmerdale's Adam Barton leaves the show?

Actor Adam Thomas is set to leave the Dales – and this is how viewers think he will leave

Hanna Fillingham

Emmerdale has been keeping viewers hooked over the past few weeks following the shock deaths of Finn and Emma Barton. With the mystery surrounding Emma's death still unfolding, there are plenty of suspects in the village, and the truth is yet to unfold. With the news that Adam Barton actor Adam Thomas is set to leave the show, fans have now predicted that his character will be found guilty of Emma's murder.

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Did Adam Barton kill Emma? 

After Thursday night's episode, Adam was warned by Cain Dingle that he needed to "pull it together" after he broke down by Finn Barton's grave. Cain said: "You need to pull it together and fast. We need to get you sorted before the police come looking...They reckon Emma was murdered." Cain then told Adam that the police were now investigating Emma's death as a murder enquiry, and despite Adam protesting his innocence, Cain warned him that the police wouldn’t see it like that - especially as he was seen running after Emma with a gun on the day she died.


Cain Dingle warned Adam that the police would be asking questions

Adam and Cain's conversation gave fans food for thought, and they took to Twitter to discuss their theories. "Adam Barton did it 100% I would put money on it," one viewer guessed, while another said: "Honesty I think it was Adam since he was the next Barton to leave." A third added: "My money is on Adam killing Emma. The actor is leaving after all."

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Another possible theory is that Adam will be framed for Emma's murder, despite being innocent. "Oh no, Cain actually thinks Adam did it, and Adam thinks Cain did it," another fan guessed. "So is this how Adam leaves? Does he get the blame for pushing Emma," another suggested.


Fans think that Adam will get sent to prison for Emma's murder

Adam confirmed his exit from Emmerdale back in June after an eight-year stint on the show. In a statement released on Emmerdale's website, Adam said: "I've had an amazing eight years working on Emmerdale and I've loved every minute of it.

"It was a really tough decision to take to leave, but I felt that now is the time to move on and challenge myself with some new roles. I'd like to thank everyone at Emmerdale for both giving me the opportunity to work as part of such a great team and for giving my character Adam Barton some great storylines too."