Fans express disappointment over Our Girl episode two - find out why

Our Girl season three has been criticised for having a poor script - read the fan reactions

Emmy Griffiths

The second episode of Our Girl  series three has sparked criticism from viewers, with many fans unhappy with both the storyline and script. The latest instalment, which aired on Tuesday night, saw Michelle Keegan's character, Georgie Lane, trapped in rubble after the aftershock of an earthquake in Nepal with a new character, Milan.

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Fans were upset when Luke Pasqualino only appeared in the last few minutes

Taking to Twitter, viewers were quick to discuss the episode, with one writing: "Fuming with #OurGirl terrible acting and rubbish story. I'm so disappointed," while another added: "What the hell is this? #OurGirl has seriously gone downhill. No direct storyline. So disappointing." Fans were also unhappy that Georgie has a new love interest, instead of Elvis, who only made an appearance later in the episode. One person tweeted: "Elvis suddenly showing up has saved this series #OurGirl," while another added: "'#bringbackelvis... Been looking forward to Our Girl coming back on and Elvis isn't even in it." However, others enjoyed the episode, with one person tweeting: "Michelle and cast was fantastic tonight in Our Girl. Keep up the good work Michelle," while another added: "He loves #Georgie, no wonder! Perfect acting #LukePasqualino! Our hearts belongs to Elvis."

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The episode drew criticism from viewers

Michelle recently opened up about the challenges of filming the new series on Radio 1. She said: "I wasn't 100 per cent there would be another series but I signed the option for there to be another. Obviously the first time it was for five episodes but this time it was for 12 so it's overly doubled. I didn't know that at the time either. It's been a long, long filming schedule. I was away for three months last time and this time I was in South Africa for three months and then I had three weeks off then I was in Malaysia for three months. So over all I was away for seven months. It was a long time being away from home. I had to do it, the contract was signed. Book me a flight!"

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